I didn’t leave anyone behind by Cinthia Fernández

I didn’t leave anyone behind by Cinthia Fernández
I didn’t leave anyone behind by Cinthia Fernández

“I separated when I was 25. And I was with Daniela, who is Elena and Olivia’s mother, for almost six years. She is a great woman who gave me the most beautiful things in life, she is a woman with whom we had the best times in life, but I have a different view of relationships. I am not of the opinion that a relationship is forever, for me you either leave them or you build them.”held.

And he stressed: “There was no betrayal or abuse here… What made me maintain my relationship with Daniela is, first, that she is a great woman, a great person. I think that at one point I told her that at first I was going to be very angry but that later I was going to redefine things.”

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“Was it a conversation you were having?” the driver wanted to know Angel de Brito. “Yes, we have been having this for two years with my ex-wife…”, he replied. “We were two co-parents, but we left the couple. The family supported the couple,” the lawyer added.

“I was asked this many times… I have to explain that, I sat down to talk fifty times and I said ‘let’s get away, let’s go to dinner, let’s do something for ourselves’. When love goes away, one builds or abandons. So, from that place I was a sincere man, It hurts me that people talk about infidelity”, he told.

“Having three daughters, and knowing that I am a sincere man, that people talk about infidelity, that my daughters, Pili being 12 years old, grow up and hear that I betrayed a woman is not good…” he stressed.

Regarding her relationship with Fernández, Castillo said that it began after separating from her ex.What I told Cinthia was ‘I can’t be hiding, I have to tell her…’. She called me on the phone (her ex, I was traveling in San Luis, I had answered a story saying that I was separated.explained how Vera found out.

Later, he was asked about his feelings towards Cinthia, and he opened up: “I always thought she was a beautiful woman and what I liked most was her evolution. What I liked most was meeting her in 2020 and seeing how she grew. She made me admire her.”

After the scandalous chats, Cinthia Fernández came out to meet Roberto Castillo’s ex, her current partner

After the whitewashing of his relationship with Roberto Castillo and the viralization of the scandalous chats between the lawyer and his ex-wife, Daniela Vera Fontanain In the afternoon (America TV), Cynthia Fernandez He made his statement in LAM where he serves as a panelist on the show hosted by Ángel de Brito.

The truth is that after the architect’s statements, pointing to Cynthia as responsible for their separation in a series of messages that were leaked and reproduced on the program Karina Mazzocco.

So, from her little angel’s chair, Fernández He said that Castillo He assured her that he was separated during the dinner at which he declared his love for her. “I don’t have to fight with her. I’m not pretending to be nice or anything, but I also have a limit.”Cinthia began by saying with an unusual caution in her face of the criticism received in recent hours on this issue.

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In addition, she also showed empathy towards her current partner’s ex by confiding: “I also separated, I also suffered and I understand that she may be angry. It is also a difficult situation for her because I am a girl who is very exposed.”.

However, the media personality made it clear what bothers her about this whole situation in which she would be seen as the villain of the film. “I’m not with a guy if he’s busy. You know me as a friend, and beyond that I don’t need anyone to cover my ass, as they said on social media. It seems to me that if a guy likes you… well, break up. But I don’t think that was the reason either. I think they were already on the wrong track for a long time. She was always jealous of me.”he stressed.

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