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Faustino Oro, the young Argentine prodigy, continues to make history in the world of chess. At just 10 years, 8 months and 16 days old, Oro has become the youngest international master in history, breaking records and successfully facing the best players in the world. His latest feat came on Wednesday, a stunning victory against American grandmaster Hikaru Nakamura, ranked number two in the FIDE world rankings, in a three-minute blitz game.

The match took place in the Arena Kings, a weekly tournament held on the platform every Wednesday. In this tournament, each player has three minutes to complete the game without time increments. Nakamura, known for his skill in this format and his popularity as a streamer, was surprised by the skill of the young Argentinian, who had already beaten him months ago. Using the white pieces, Oro achieved a decisive advantage from the opening and maintained his superiority throughout the game.

«We beat Hikaru!»exclaimed Faustino Oro at the end of the match, celebrating with an effusive dance. This triumph is just one of the many recent achievements of Oro, who has also beaten the world number one, Magnus Carlsen, in a similar rapid-game tournament.

Faustino Oro has stood out not only for his victories in online tournaments, but also for his impressive streak of 31 unbeaten games and an ELO of 2447His talent is evident, and his rise in the chess world meteoric. The young prodigy surpassed the record of the American Abhimanyu Mishra by becoming the youngest international master in history after winning the Barcelona Masters Tournament in Spain. At that tournament, Gold reached 6.5 points, thus achieving the third standard required by the International Chess Federation to obtain the title.

One of the highlights of his career came in March of this year, when he defeated Magnus Carlsen in Bullet Brawl 2024, a super-quick match where each player has just one minute to make their moves. Despite the huge ranking difference between the two players, Oro demonstrated his skill and calm under pressure, winning the match in 48 moves.

His focus on the game, combined with a remarkable ability to learn and adapt, has made him a towering figure in world chess. As he continues to rack up wins and break records, many are already comparing him to chess legends such as Bobby Fischer, Capablanca, Anatoli Karpov and Garry Kasparov.

What is a blitz game?

Blitz games are a form of chess where each player has a total of 3 minutes to make all of their moves. This means that regardless of the number of moves in the game, each player has a maximum of 3 minutes to complete the game. Should a player’s time run out before the game ends, that player automatically loses, even if they are in a winning position on the board. This format adds an extra level of pressure as players must think and move quickly to avoid losing on time.

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