“My daughter’s death was a femicide, not an accident,” says Laura García’s mother

“My daughter’s death was a femicide, not an accident,” says Laura García’s mother
“My daughter’s death was a femicide, not an accident,” says Laura García’s mother

Janeth Maldonado Torres, a woman who lives in the municipality of Soacha, has been in deep pain since the death of her daughter Laura García (19 years old), which occurred 4 months ago. Her sadness, which will never find consolation, is framed in the lack of progress in the investigation of the strange death of the young woman, because her mother’s heart tells her that her “little girl” was killed.

“My daughter left on February 14 at 6:30 in the evening to drop her daughter off with her father and then returned home because the next day she had a work meeting at 8:30 am, she even left her uniform ready. At around 12 in the morning it seemed strange to me that she didn’t come home, I would call her and it would be off, it seemed very strange to me. The next day, at 1 in the afternoon, I received a call from Gina Borda, the woman who introduced my daughter to the alleged murderer, and she told me that my daughter had been in a traffic accident, then a police officer contacted me to tell me the same thing,” Laura’s mother recounted in the midst of her pain.

The complaint

Laura García was a nursing assistant, worked in a restaurant and was about to start practicing what she had studied. The young woman was the mother of a 4-year-old girl, for whom she cared and always tried to give her the best.

The family’s life took an unexpected turn when Laura did not return home on February 14, and the next day it was learned that she had died.

A blanket of questions invaded all those who knew her and who could not understand how and why her death had occurred. After receiving the devastating news, Janeth says that she traveled to Villeta, where Laura’s body was located and it was then that she began to discover that there were inconsistencies in her supposed accidental death.

“The police officer told me that my daughter had died in an accident on the La Vega-Villeta road, and that I should come with the document so that he could identify the body and not leave her as NN. That news was very hard, especially when it concerns a child,” said Janeth, whose eyes reflect the helplessness and pain she feels in her daughter’s case.

Laura’s mother went to the municipality of Villeta and there she was told that the subject who was with her daughter had said that he and Laura were having sex on a bridge, and that at one point the young woman was going to drop her cell phone and she, in an attempt to save it, ended up falling into the void, about 15 meters, and died on the spot.

“Gina Borda accompanied me, gave her statement and I gave my statement, but the subject who was with my daughter, C. Jiménez, had already left because he didn’t want to face me, but I don’t even know him, he didn’t have any kind of romantic relationship with my daughter, they met through the girl, but they had no relationship,” Janeth said.

For Janeth, the version given by this man has several inconsistencies, since according to her, she has her daughter’s cell phone in her hands and there is not a single dent in it; in addition to this, she added that she does not believe that her daughter had intimate relations at that time, since she was on her period and Laura was a “modest” woman regarding the subject.

“She was on her period, at 3 or 4 in the morning, on a deserted bridge, it was impossible, and the guy had had an accident and was on crutches. The results of the autopsy have not been released by the Forensic Medicine Department, the investigators tell me that they cannot move forward with the investigation because the Prosecutor’s Office does not give the go-ahead to do so, so I have gone to Villeta many times, but they do not solve anything for me. I need justice to be done, this is a case of femicide that cannot be left like this, he walks free as if nothing happened,” said the complainant.

For now, Janeth is asking the authorities to move forward with the investigation, as she feels that a homicide is hidden behind her daughter’s death.

“The guy always invited her to go on trips, but she said no because she had to work. Maybe that day she finally agreed to go out with him, because after dropping off the girl, he asked her for a car to take her to him, in Bosa Porvenir. He put a lot of pressure on her so that she agreed to go out with him, I think he took her out of Bogotá under false pretenses. Investigators know that the versions he has given do not match, that day he was supposedly also with two other friends, we have not had contact with him, he does not give us his face, Gina, he also blocked us and does not answer us,” said Janeth, who will not rest until she finds the truth and justice is done.

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