Carlos Giraldo looks like Pedro Coral: The presenter of La Red looks exactly like ‘Mompirri’

Pedro, el Escamoso will be released on Colombian screens on Caracol Television starting next Tuesday, July 16, and fans of the production are more than eager to see the ‘mompirri’ in action again.

Although it won’t be long before Pedro Coral returns to his old ways with his son and other characters, Journalists and presenters are warming up their engines, as did Carlos Giraldo of La Red.
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Carlos Giraldo feels exactly like Pedro, the Escamoso

In front of a mirror, with the best light and admiring himself carefully, ‘Giri’ repeats: “What a complexion, my God, what a complexion, Father God, you were too much for me, my old man, what a look, what a style, what a look”words that identify Coral perfectly.

In addition to beauty, the presenter also identifies with the concept: “God, I immersed what he did not give me in silver, he gave it to me in presence” y With his best dramatic skills, he interpreted each of the phrases.
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Jorge Alfredo Vargas imitated Pedro, the Escamoso

The journalist and presenter of Noticias Caracol called his partner María Lucía Fernández on the phone, this, with the excuse of talking about a recording, but with the real objective of making a joke by imitating Pedro Coralso she greeted him naturally.

It was then that not only the acting began, but also the laughter: “Why don’t you lend me a little bill, I’m really broke”he mentioned and she initially accepted it confused and so she asked him how much money he needed.

“What he didn’t give me in money, he gave me in presence”Vargas continued, almost unable to stop laughing. For her part, the professional could not stop laughing either and insisted that he did not understand what his partner required.

As expected, Fernandez asked him again if he was serious about what he was saying and, despite his doubts, he finally agreed to help him. It was impossible for the journalist to continue and he told the truth, saying that he wanted to be like Mompirri.

Amidst the laughter The two invited Colombians to connect with the story of Pedro el Escamoso 2. The grand premiere of the production will be next Tuesday, July 16, and no one should miss it.
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