Bonds rebounded and the blue one fell, but remains above $1400

Bonds rebounded and the blue one fell, but remains above $1400
Bonds rebounded and the blue one fell, but remains above $1400

The blue dollar fell for the first time in three days this Wednesday, July 3, closing at $1,375 for purchase and $1,405 for sale.
After three days of strong growth, the financial front found a moment of calm on Wednesday: the dollar fell on the street and on the stock market, bonds rebounded and the country risk ended at 1,521 points. In the City they commented that there was a better global mood for risk assets, such as Argentine ones. It also helped to decompress the news about the end of the round of the presentation of the 2025 Budget, which foresees the end of the Country Tax by the end of the year.
Since the opening of the markets, Argentine assets have shown some relief: the blue dollar fell $25 to end at $1,405, still in the maximum zone. Meanwhile, financial quotations fell with the exception of the US dollar: the MEP dollar fell 3.1% and ended at $1,382.5; while the CCL fell 2.4% to end at $1,394.
Halfway through the session, the MEP dollar was trading above the so-called “cable dollar”, which may have given the signal that at a price above $1,400, the export sector once again turned to the 80/20 settlement and that percentage helped to decompress the CCL.
With this relief, the exchange rate gap, which had reached its highest level in the Milei era the day before, narrowed to 52%. For the second consecutive day, prices of futures contracts fell.

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