She was fired from her job and took revenge by deleting all the data

She was fired from her job and took revenge by deleting all the data
She was fired from her job and took revenge by deleting all the data

July 3, 2024 – 20:14 By Editorial Staff

A young man from Rosario She became famous on social media after revealing that, after be fired from her job in a dental clinic, He decided get revenge of the company Deleting all your digital information. Florence Galloas she is known, recounted the events in her profile TikTok.

Gallo explained that she had been employed without a formal contract for two years and was fired after requesting a pay rise. In her message, she wrote: “Two years of working informally and I get fired for asking for a pay rise. If they don’t value my work, they’ll soon understand the cost of digitizing and automating everything.” This comment provoked various reactions among users of the platform.

The video where Florencia narrates her episode of revenge has accumulated more than 280 thousand views so far.

“They must have thrown me out, leaving me without knowing how to pay the rent, without knowing how to make foodbut at least I’m not so stupid that I don’t realize that I don’t have to break the balls of the one who created my database because I now… deleted it all“, the young woman said in the video.

Florence explained that delete database, the dental clinic was only with physical paper records. “Now they only have physical records of pure paper which is distributed in boxes and furniture and even though the information exists, it is less accessible,” he commented.

The initial measure of Florence sparked a debate heated discussion on social media, with many users questioning the justification for his response.

The magnitude of the response on social media brought the vulnerability of those who work without a formal contract to the forefront of the debate.

The young woman’s farewell generated a strong debate on social networks

Before the avalanche of criticism After her post went viral on X’s account, Florencia Gallo posted another video explaining that two days later she decided to restore the database. She argued her decision by saying: “I already knew what my fate was going to be. They were going to speak badly of me and I decided with what.” However, she indicated that she decided to return the database out of compassion for the patients who could suffer the consequences of the lack of accessible medical records.

The young woman also mentioned that the dismissal left her in a difficult financial situation, explaining that she chose to delete the database in order to do what she considered fair. “I was left without a job, without knowing how to pay the rent, without knowing how to make ends meet”he said. He also stressed his active search for employment and reaffirmed his belief that he is a good-hearted person, noting that his action was motivated by what he perceived as unfair treatment by his employer.

The video of Florencia recounting her act of retaliation has reached more than 280 thousand views so far and has received about 17,000 likes. Although many people have criticised her behaviour, the post has sparked a debate about working conditions and job insecurity.

The massive reaction on social media has brought to the fore the fragility of those who work without a formal contractual agreement.

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