The mayor of the capital, Luis Bernardo Nava Guerrero, has confirmed that dialogue with artisan groups is ongoing to ensure the viability of the Querétaro Artisan Market project. Following the recent disturbances, the mayor stressed that financial support is being considered for artisans affected by the loss of sales, although the specific amount has not yet been determined. In addition, he announced that there will not be an official inauguration, but that all citizens and tourists are invited to visit the market from now on.

“Well, what happened yesterday was that the dialogue continued, which is one of the instructions I gave to the team, that they had to maintain a permanent dialogue with all the groups,” said Nava Guerrero.

The mayor stressed the importance of maintaining an orderly and dignified space so that artisans can carry out their trade in an effective and attractive manner for visitors.

“The most important thing is to address and resolve the core of the issue, which is to give them a decent and orderly space so that they can carry out their commercial activities, which also nourishes and makes tourists attractive when they come to the center, but this must happen in an orderly manner that is harmonious with the commercial and service development in the Historic Center of our city,” he added.

The security and order operation is permanent, and the Government Secretariat has been instructed to prevent commerce on public roads, ensuring that everyone participates in this new dignified space.

“There was a dialogue with both groups last night and the dialogue will continue and will be ongoing because some concerns will arise,” said the mayor.

Regarding the installation of additional modules, the mayor mentioned that work is being done in coordination with the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) to determine viable locations.

“We are coordinating with INAH to see how many modules and where they can be located, but they have already confirmed some locations,” said Nava Guerrero. Some of the confirmed modules include locations in the Plazuela Mariano de las Casas, in the Guerrero Garden, and in the Plaza Constitución.

The goal is to create a space that benefits the city, artisans and tourists. “The most important thing is to make this space viable and make it a win-win for everyone, a win for the city, a win for artisans, and also a win for tourists and visitors,” concluded the mayor.

The craft market is now operational and open to the public, inviting everyone to enjoy a unique cultural experience in the historic center of Querétaro.

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