Statkraft publishes “Boreal”, its first Sustainability Report in Spain – Corresponsables

Statkraft publishes “Boreal”, its first Sustainability Report in Spain – Corresponsables
Statkraft publishes “Boreal”, its first Sustainability Report in Spain – Corresponsables

Statkraft, Europe’s leading renewable producer and leader in the PPA market, has published Boreal, its first Sustainability Report in Spain, following the criteria of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). Corresponding to the 2023 financial year, this report aims to establish a common reporting framework to respond to the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), in line with its commitment to promote transparency of its sustainability performance and its management of the organization.

The company defines its sustainability management model based on the guidelines defined by the Statkraft group: climate change, biodiversity, human rights, circular economy, diversity and equality, local communities and health and safety, and double materiality, which allows them to identify relevant issues that have a positive or negative impact on the organization and its stakeholders.

Thanks to this model, the company, present in Spain since 2018 and which has established our country as one of its strategic markets, prepares its ESG strategy (Environmental, Social y Governance) to respond to the different interest groups and establish the lines of action that define the company’s own strategy.

At the end of the 2023 financial year, Statkraft in Spain operated a renewable capacity of 755 MW in the country and had a portfolio of 1.6 GW of solar and wind projects at different stages of development. This scope is now being increased with the recent acquisition of Enerfín, closed on May 23.

Statkraft’s Head of Sustainability in Spain, Erica Morales, stressed that “the publication of the Boreal Report represents a step forward in our organisational model, which places sustainability, as an umbrella that integrates environmental, social and good governance aspects, as basic pillars of our strategy and growth.”

«The publication of this report is an exercise that we have undertaken voluntarily because we seek to foster a culture of trust and collaboration among our stakeholders.“It also represents a step forward in our organisational model, which places sustainability at the heart of all our actions,” added Morales.

Boreal Positive Impact Indicators

Throughout the Boreal Report, Statkraft provides indicators that show the positive impact of its activity in Spain during the past year:

  • More than 4,300,000 MwH of clean energy generated and 370,000 T of CO₂eq avoided, due to the ten solar plants operating in Andalusia and Extremadura, which is equivalent to eliminating more than 120,000 gasoline cars.
  • 210 environmental measures aimed at preserving biodiversity, for example, with dozens of shelters for birds and reptiles or more than 5,000 trees planted.
  • Around 776 hectares are planned for agrovoltaics to make renewable energy generation compatible with local agriculture and livestock farming.
  • 84% of non-hazardous waste is recovered during construction.
  • More than 1.6 million euros invested in social value, boosting the business sector and creating jobs.
  • Nearly 50 million euros in purchases from local suppliers.
  • 97.3% of the company’s suppliers are local, which reinforces its commitment to the local economy.

Sustainable and Responsible Growth

Statkraft, which closed the last financial year with a workforce of 185 people in Spain43% higher than in 2022, promotes gender equality and young talent within its organization. In 2023, the Women accounted for 39% of the team of Statkraft, after increasing its presence by 60% compared to previous years, and the 21% of employees were under 30 years old.

Furthermore, Statkraft operates under the highest standards of responsibility and ethical principles, as set out in its Code of Conduct; with a transparent tax management; guaranteeing sustainable and responsible business relationships with suppliers, as established by its Code of Conduct for Suppliers; incorporating risk management into the organization, and ensuring the defense of human rights.

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