Fateful fire and friendly fire • La Nación

Fateful fire and friendly fire • La Nación
Fateful fire and friendly fire • La Nación

It is not surprising that the High Commissioner for Peace, Otty Patiño, is an expert in the fire of war, since, like President Petro and countless other high-ranking officials of this progressive government, he was trained in the ranks of the M-19, a group of criminals who committed horrible crimes, ravaging this mistreated nation.

It is not surprising that he feels ‘hurt’ because the public forces kill, in the course of combat, criminals who today are what the grieving commissioner was.

And less strange, although this is sufficiently irresponsible and disrespectful, is that he should abusively assume the role of spokesman for the President, the Minister of Defense and the Commander of the Military Forces, to debase a legitimate action of the Colombian National Army and express condolences to a criminal among criminals of the type of alias ‘Iván Márquez’. It is assumed that this act by Mr. Patiño in his public function is worthy of disciplinary action and immediate dismissal, of course in a regime and government that respects institutionality.

Of course, the only one who has “turned back” at such an affront has been the Minister of Defense, Iván Velásquez, with friendly fire: “We do not qualify it as a fateful event, nor do we regret in the connotations expressed by the commissioner this result of the legitimate operation of the Military Forces,” he said in relation to the death of the extremely dangerous leader alias “Hermes” of the “Second Marquetalia.” No comment has been heard from Petro in this regard, which is logical given the affection he has shown to have for his guerrilla colleagues, giving them favors and preferences even above the law, but his silence suddenly obeys an unusual prudence in the midst of the pile of problems born from his personal and governmental disposition, now in greater crisis due to his appearances of “privacy” in Panama and sensitive changes in his cabinet. And the commanders’ silence is understandable because they are in the midst of egos and eccentric personalities that could end with their dismissal from service if they criticize or allude to such a mess.

Anywhere else in the world, the resignation of the abusive and loudmouthed official would already be on the table. Here, neither will he present it nor will they ask for it: as in the universal military world, seniority and rank are respected and Patiño has criminal hierarchy over Petro but not over the Minister or the commanders. Criminal because he comes from the guerrilla.

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