Los Chapitos distribute food at a pediatric hospital in Sinaloa

Los Chapitos distribute food at a pediatric hospital in Sinaloa
Los Chapitos distribute food at a pediatric hospital in Sinaloa

The coupon is redeemed at a restaurant near the hospital (Photo: X/@Eco1_LVM)

People who have relatives hospitalized Sinaloa Children’s Hospital have reported receiving help from people who give them a coupon redeemable for foodHowever, the subjects who deliver these coupons assure that the help comes from the children of Joaquin Guzman Loerathat is, Los Chapitos.

It was during Wednesday, July 3, that local press reports documented the way in which people are “supported,” allegedly by the children of the Chapo Guzman. Media such as Sweet River They reported that those in charge of distributing the coupons are part of a well-organized group of people.

100 dose of foodsdistributed in 50 breakfasts and 50 meals, are the amounts that are offered to families of the Pediatric Hospital of Sinaloa. Press reports indicate that the people who receive the tickets redeemable for food know the alleged origin of the same, but they decide to accept it because it is reported that it is people from other states or those with limited resources and who need support.

A yellow card with a QR code is the way in which the food is distributed, as can be seen in the audiovisual material shared by the aforementioned media outlet.

It is worth remembering that at different times the image of pizza has been associated with the children of Guzmán Loera, there is even a sound game between The Chapiza (as the group of hitmen serving Los Chapitos is known) and food.

There are no details about the exact date from which the tickets are allegedly distributed by Los Chapitos, although Sweet River He points out that some of the people receive the food for months. In addition, the “beneficiaries” are aware of where the food comes from.

Ovidio Guzmán is currently facing justice in the United States, the country where his father is imprisoned (Infobae Mexico/Jesús Avilés)

The coupon they receive also has the legend “Valid for one meal and a drink” and can be exchanged in a fonda Located near the hospital facilities, eggs with ham, beans, chilaquiles, chicken and tortas are part of the preparations that have been delivered for breakfast.

It is not the first time that the Sinaloa Cartel It is related to alleged food deliveries in Sinaloa territory, since last November 2023 on more than one occasion the delivery of food was reported to have the letters JGL (acronym for Joaquín Guzmán Loera). This happened after Hurricane Norma.

Dozens of families received basic necessities from the criminal group. (X/@MMocrt)

Faced with this situation, the authorities publicly acknowledged that they could not do anything about it, because in the words of the governor of Sinaloa, Ruben Rocha Moya:

“I know that, we have no impediment, we cannot prevent someone from going and delivering. Surely they have done it in very simultaneous and very immediate operations” and added: “as the president said: This does not validate or remove the responsibility. those who engage in drug trafficking.”

It should be remembered that during the Covid 19 pandemic, supplies were also delivered to people who spent the night outside the General Hospital of Culiacan because they had a close person hospitalized.

Wrapped in aluminum foil and inside a plastic bag, they had the letters “JGL” (Photo: Twitter@SoySalmon76)

The managers arrived in trucks and the food packages had the letters JGL on them, and the men claimed to have delivered the supplies from Los Chapitos.

For its part, the United States points to Los Chapitos as some of those responsible for trafficking fentanyl to North American territory, which has caused a health crisis in the country of the stars and stripes. Ovid Guzman and Nestor Isidro Perez, alias The Niniare some of the individuals accused of being part of Los Chapitos who are facing justice in the United States, the country where El Chapo is serving his sentence.

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