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80 photos from the traditional 4th of July celebration at the US Embassy

80 photos from the traditional 4th of July celebration at the US Embassy
80 photos from the traditional 4th of July celebration at the US Embassy

“Welcome to the Bosch Palace! Today we celebrate 248 years since the independence of the United States. I am very happy to share this celebration with you,” said Ambassador Marc Stanley during his speech. He was accompanied by his wife, Wendy Hillebrand Stanley.

“Your presence is a testament to the strong ties and mutual admiration between our nations,” Stanley told his guests after the Argentine National Anthem and the United States National Anthem were played.

“As my friend President Joe Biden said, ‘My life has taught me to embrace freedom and democracy. And a future based on the core values ​​that define America: honesty, decency, dignity, equality.’ Let everyone have a chance. Let there be no room for hate,” said Marc Stanley.

Marc Stanley and his wife Wendy, Hillebrand Stanley, posed at the entrance of the Bosch Palace, the ambassador’s residence, and greeted journalists

Guillermo Francos, Chief of Staff, enters the Palacio Bosch to join the celebrations for the 4th of July.

Martín Menem, President of the Chamber of Deputies, was present at the event.

Martín Lousteau, senator and president of the UCR, together with Emiliano Yacobitti, vice-rector of the University of Buenos Aires.

Luis Petri, Minister of Defense.

Juan Bautista Mahiques, President of the International Association of Prosecutors

Fulvio Pompeo, Secretary General and International Relations of the City

Mario Montoto, president of the Argentine-Israeli Chamber of Commerce.

Daniel Funes de Rioja, president of the Argentine Industrial Union (UIA).

Jorge Macri, Head of Government of the City of Buenos Aires, was accompanied by his wife, María Belén Ludueña.

DAIA President Jorge Knoblovits.

Abigail L. Dressel, Deputy Chief of Mission at the U.S. Embassy in Buenos Aires.

Israeli Ambassador Eyal Sela.

Fabiana Ricagno and Adrian Werthein.

Taina Laurino Ferreira and Georgie Neuss.

Fernando Straface, director of Puente/Austral University

The ambassador of Uruguay, Carlos Fernando Enciso Christiansen.

Chilean ambassador José Antonio Viera Gallo.

Nicolás Posse, former Chief of Staff

National Deputy Cristian Ritondo.

British Ambassador to Argentina, Kirsty Hayes.

The ambassador of the European Union in Buenos Aires, Amador Sánchez Rico.

Minister of Justice, Mariano Cúneo Libarona, together with Sebastián Amerio, Secretary of Justice of the Nation.

Marcela Campagnoli, national deputy for the Civic Coalition, and Federico Senticchio.

The general director of the Teatro Colón, Jorge Telerman, and his partner, the visual artist Cynthia Cohen.

Ukrainian Ambassador to Argentina Yuri Klymenko and his wife Zoia Klymenko.

Fabian Perechodnik, provincial deputy.

The American Independence Day party dressed the residence in colors and was inspired by a theme: the “Iconic USA”, a tribute to its symbols and great personalities.

Teresa Bulgheroni, president of the Malba Foundation, and Inés Etchevarne, president of the Friends of Moderno Association.

Mariana Apella, from the Bagó Group.

Ezequiel Herszage, Head of Corporate Cabinet at IRSA

Fares Yassir, Moroccan ambassador to Argentina.

National deputy and economist José Luis Espert.

Tato Lanusse and Silvina Pueyrredon.

Pablo Garzonio, Undersecretary of International Relations and Institutional Cooperation of the Buenos Aires Legislature

Lee Yong Soo, South Korean ambassador to Argentina, with his wife Sena and daughter Jina Lee

National deputy for PRO Damián Arabia and Ramiro Marra, legislator of the City of Buenos Aires for Freedom Advances

Guillermo Coppola, present at the celebration.

Presidential spokesman Manuel Adorni.

Federal Judge Sandra Arroyo Salgado.

Bernd Scholtz, Minister Counsellor at the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Gerardo Martínez, Secretary General of UOCRA.

Japanese Ambassador Hiroshi Yamauchi.

Bertie Benegas Lynch and Juliana Santillán, LLA deputies.

Criminal lawyer Juan Felix Marteau.

Darío Turovelzky, general director of Paramount for the Southern Cone.

“Today I would like to highlight three words: strength, resilience and collaboration. These are the terms that I believe define our relationship. A long-term relationship that has lasted 200 years and we have just entered the third cycle of bilateral relations,” Stanley told reporters.

Juan Pablo Maglier, CEO of APCOGROUP.

The Governor of Santiago del Estero, Gerardo Zamora

The residence of the United States ambassador was decorated with the colors of the US flag during the celebrations for Independence Day.

Iván de Pineda was the host of the event.

The United Voices choir performed the national anthems of Argentina and the United States.

The traditional fireworks with which Americans celebrate the Fourth of July were displayed on a screen at the end of the speech.

The Palacio Bosch welcomed a multitude of guests, who enjoyed a lively atmosphere with icons of North American culture, live music and a full buffet.

Valentinos turned up the volume and brought the music and style of Jon Bon Jovi to the main hall to celebrate the anniversary of the Independence of the United States.

Music by New Jersey star Jon Bon Jovi, performed by Valentinos, livened up the final part of the grand celebration.

Wendy Hillebrand Stanley enjoyed Jon Bon Jovi covers performed by Valentinos.

National Deputy Fernando Iglesias and Waldo Wolff, Minister of Security of the City of Buenos Aires.

Ambassadors from several countries smiled for a photo, including Fares Yassir from Morocco; Ginnette Campos Rojas from Costa Rica; and Lilia Eugenia Rossbach Suarez from Mexico.

Eduardo Amadeo, former national deputy

Claudio Epelman, director of the Latin American Jewish Congress; Fabiana Loguzzo, ambassador to the IHRA and Commissioner for Argentina for the fight against Antisemitism; and the president of DAIA, Jorge Knoblovits

Gabriel Gorenstein, Secretary General of AMIA; Christian Hooft, President of ACIERA; Amos Linetzky, President of AMIA, and Claudio Avruj, Secretary of Human Rights and Cultural Pluralism of the Nation.

Nicolás Dujovne, former Minister of Finance

Eduardo Elsztain, president of IRSA

Guillermo Stanley and Guillermo Yanco, husband of Patricia Bullrich

Dinseh Bhatia, Indian ambassador to Argentina, with his wife

Fabrizio Lucentini, Italian ambassador to Argentina.

Miguel Angel Pesce, former president of the Central Bank

Luis Galli, CEO and President of Newsan

Hernán Lacunza, former Minister of Economy.

Jose Octavio Bordon, former governor of Mendoza

Diplomat Jorge Arguello and his wife, Erica

National Deputy Silvia Lospennato

Pilar López Molina, Communications Counselor, and Luis Tejada Chacón, Minister Counselor of the Spanish Embassy in Argentina

Clara Muzzio, Deputy Head of Government of the City of Buenos Aires

Photos: Nicolás Stulberg, Maximiliano Luna and the United States Embassy.

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