Exceltur: no more study trips or mass tourism

Exceltur: no more study trips or mass tourism
Exceltur: no more study trips or mass tourism

Thursday, July 4, 2024, 02:00

«Study trips are not about studying, but about nonsense.» «Mass tourism and excesses contribute absolutely nothing from an economic and social point of view, and even less so for the citizens who have to live with it.» «It is not the tourism we want.»

The three sentences were uttered by the same person, and it is not a political, trade union or neighbourhood representative. They are Gabriel Escarrer Jaume, who is not only the CEO of Meliá Hotels International, but also the president of Exceltur, the association of tourism employers.

His statements came during the presentation of a manifesto that Exceltur has prepared and which consists of 80 proposals to “advance towards more responsible, inclusive and regenerative tourism.”

To this end, they are calling for a “great State pact” with the support of the autonomous communities, raising awareness among visitors about respect for residents, promoting responsible practices in business management and promoting institutional policies and public-private governance formulas.

In this regard, Escarrer advocated combating illegality “in all aspects of the tourism sector, such as pirate taxis, parties on unlicensed boats or the illegal offering of tourist apartments.”

Vice President José Luis Zoreda, for his part, rejected the application of tourist taxes. “It is a mistake, since they do not reduce the influx of tourists.”

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