What are the profiles most sought after by companies?

What are the profiles most sought after by companies?
What are the profiles most sought after by companies?

Questioning employability in Argentina and establishing which are the most sought-after professional profiles is no small matter. Being aware can be the difference between entering or not entering the digital era. The current economy is focused on innovation, sustained learning and the use of technology.

Capacitar, together with companies, organizations and professionals, offers you training programs that respond to the current needs of the Argentine labor market. Those who have skills in areas such as information technology, data science, artificial intelligence, engineering, creativity and have developed soft skills will have countless opportunities to improve their employment situation.

If you are looking for a job or thinking about a career change, now is the time to invest in your skills and take advantage of the opportunities the job spectrum has to offer.
The Argentine labor market is in full expansion. Companies and entrepreneurs are systematically “hunting for talent.” There is a group of profiles that stand out above others as the most sought after:

Software developers

Software developers are the most sought-after, the stars of these times. With the rise of startups and technology companies, the demand for programmers has exploded. Being a full stack developer, a frontend or backend specialist, knowing how to write code, paves the way to a good job.

Data science and analytics specialists

Data science specialists are in high demand by companies looking for professionals capable of analyzing large volumes of data in order to make information-based decisions. Python, R, and SQL are languages ​​you need to study if you want to excel in this field.

Cybersecurity Experts

Computer security is essential to prevent cyberattacks, which are becoming more and more sophisticated and frequent. It can be said that today companies and governments consider it essential to invest in protecting their information. This profile is in constant and growing demand.

Digital marketers

Digital marketing involves establishing strategies that seek to position, through electronic communication, all types of products and services. It is also a valuable tool to link companies with the public in a personalized and timely manner. Professionals who can manage campaigns on social networks, SEO, SEM and everything related to online advertising are highly sought after. If you are creative and understand the digital spectrum, this is the profile you should focus on.

DevOps Engineers

The DevOps methodology is changing the way applications are developed and deployed. DevOps engineers are essential to achieving efficiency and security in development processes. Those with skills in automation and infrastructure management can consider this option; it will be an easy path to navigate.

Are we in a position to meet this demand?

In Argentina, universities and educational institutions train very high-level professionals. We are a country that produces a significant number of graduates in careers related to technology and engineering. To this we must add that we have an entrepreneurial and creative spirit. It is in our idiosyncrasy to adapt, which often leads us to decide to train ourselves to adapt to the changes of the times.

Despite this, there is a significant gap between demand and supply for certain profiles, especially in highly specialized areas such as Data Science and Cybersecurity. Many professionals still need to update themselves in specific skills that are essential in today’s market. In addition, global competition also plays a considerable role since Argentine talent is sought by foreign companies, which reduces local availability.

The way to bridge the gap that exists today between demand and the availability to satisfy it is the determination to “learn to learn” and the ability to adapt quickly to the demands that changes impose. Training, adaptability and creativity are the key to providing a foundation for fruitful professional, work or business development.

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