Stop Zero, the new ecotourism space

Stop Zero, the new ecotourism space
Stop Zero, the new ecotourism space

Parada Cero is the new ecotourism space on San Pedro Hill, near the bike path, presented yesterday by the Mayor’s Office of Cochabamba. This project, executed with an investment of 825 thousand bolivianos won in a WWF competitive fund, transformed an area previously occupied by antisocial people into a recreational and environmental education site.

“It is the starting point of a series of ecotourism trails that will run along the hill to Cristo. These routes were used by thieves and now we are going to recover them,” said the head of the Forestry Unit, Karen Córdoba.

During an inspection of the latest works, Mayor Manfred Reyes Villa reported that rest areas, bicycle stops, a charging area for electric bicycles, drinking fountains and bathrooms were implemented at the site.

Córdoba added that the Casa de Piedra, a historic site that houses the first water system, was also revitalized and will become an “ecotourism center” so that visitors can learn about the vegetation of San Pedro Hill and protect it.

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