ESAT, best video game development school

ESAT, best video game development school
ESAT, best video game development school

ESAT, best Spanish school for video game developmentED

The North American ranking GAMEducation 2024 rewards, once again, the work of the Spanish school, and more specifically, the Valencian school, ESAT on the international scene and promotes it 1 position higher than the one granted just a year ago, thus becoming the 6th best video game development school in the world and revalidating its position as first in Spain and fourth in Europe in 2024.

ESAT has become the sixth best video game school in the world, thanks to its job placement rate and the high quality of projects of his students, thus consolidating himself in a referent within the video game industry when it comes to generating employment opportunities for its students and graduates. This merit is preceded by the constant involvement of the school’s teachers and students in always trying to professionalize as much as possible all the work and projects that are carried out.

His former students have been working for years on projects as powerful as video game sagas Call of Duty, Final Fantasy, The Legend of Zelda, NBA, FIFA, Flight Simulator, Red Dead Redemption, Grand Theft Auto, Assassin’s Creed, Falloutamong others.

The GAMEducation 2024 ranking has given special consideration to the student projects always taking into account the level of realization, visual quality, game mechanics, originality and innovation, as well as the emotions that these projects give off when creating a unique and fully stimulating experience for the player.

Excellence and recognition

This achievement highlights the excellence and recognition worldwide of the school, which is characterized, without a doubt, by its firm commitment to specialization in Programming, Art and Video Game Design. This approach to studies is, and has been, guarantee of success for the school since 2006, since thanks to the same ESAT has managed to train hundreds of technical profiles and experts who today occupy some of the most important positions within the video game industry.

«At ESAT we are proud to be able to continue leading the world rankings of Video Game Schools in 2024 and this rise within the ranking once again assures us that our personal approach is based on specialization, and that we materialize through 3 different programs: Programming, Art or Video Game Designis the key to continue training the best professionals within the video game industry,” he says Jaime Torresdirector of ESAT.

In addition, the school places special emphasis on its international betsince both the school and the curriculum are adapted to accommodate students of more than 20 different nationalities.

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