Cybersecurity in summer: ten tips to keep your devices protected

Cybersecurity in summer: ten tips to keep your devices protected
Cybersecurity in summer: ten tips to keep your devices protected

Summer is a time to disconnect and enjoy, but it can also become in a dangerous season for cybersecurity. According to the latest report from THATT, cyber threats targeting Android users have increased by 22% in 2023with cybercriminals adopting increasingly sophisticated practices. With the increase in travel and outdoor activities, the risks associated with cybersecurity are intensifying, especially when employees and managers carry devices containing sensitive company information.

It is essential that companies and their workers take a proactive stance to protect their mobile devices to ensure data security and operational continuity. Here are ten essential tips to keep your business devices safe during the summer:

1. Avoid taking corporate devices on vacation: If possible, do not carry corporate devices and do not use your personal devices for work.

2. Update software and make backups: Keep your software up to date and perform regular backups to protect important data.

3. Set up anti-theft tools: Use tools that help locate a lost or stolen device, increasing the chances of recovery.

4. Disable automatic connection to Wi-Fi networks: Think twice before connecting to any public wireless hotspot and disable auto-connect.

5. Use a VPN on public networks: If you need to connect to a public Wi-Fi hotspot, use a VPN to protect your data and avoid performing sensitive transactions such as online banking or shopping.

6. Download apps only from trusted sources: Be careful when downloading apps, especially from third-party websites and app stores. Always check the developer’s background and app reviews.

7. Remove suspicious applications: If a new app starts behaving strangely, remove it immediately to avoid potential threats.

8. Buy tickets through official suppliers: Purchase tickets only through official and trusted event organizers or third-party vendors.

9. Use mobile security software: Download reputable mobile security software that emphasizes prevention, such as ESET Mobile Security, which detects and blocks threats during the download process.

10. Promote a culture of digital security: Promote cybersecurity practices at all levels of the organization to minimize threats and protect sensitive information.

The Independent Institute for Computer Security has shown that Smartphones faced nearly 35 million malware cases in 2023. With cybercriminals becoming increasingly creative, mobile device security must be more sophisticated than ever. Threats are not only targeting users, but also employers’ internal systems, taking advantage of compromised mobile devices.

Joseph Alborsdirector of research and awareness at ESET Spain, points out that “theCybercriminals can abuse legitimate festival, travel or accommodation websites to steal personal data and money, deliver malware or create phishing sites”This summer, as temperatures rise, seasonal scams are on the rise. Therefore, it is crucial to follow these recommendations to enjoy a safe vacation without digital surprises.

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