The prosecutor again requested key data from Human Capital regarding the alleged fake contracts

The prosecutor again requested key data from Human Capital regarding the alleged fake contracts
The prosecutor again requested key data from Human Capital regarding the alleged fake contracts

Almost a month after the start of the judicial file that investigates the complaint against former official Pablo de la Torre and other members of the Children and Adolescents area, for alleged corruption maneuvers with million-dollar contracts, acquisition of foreign currency and possible payment of extra salaries, and due to the lack of sending of the documentation by the Ministry of Human Capital, the federal prosecutor Ramiro González reiterated a request for information crucial to the case: amounts of money involved, copies of the agreements denounced and the contracts involved in the complaint, among other data.

The case exploded when a Human Capital official gave details about an alleged scheme that included a number of possibly irregular contracts within a Human Capital area. Following these events, Pablo de la Torre was firedwho denied the accusations – since everything took place within the Secretariat under his charge – and pointed against “Kirchnerist infiltrators.”

The prosecution in charge of González seeks to “establish whether there was criminally relevant conduct; and consequently determine the identity of each of those people who participated in the maneuver.”

To this end, a series of measures were taken, including the summons of the head of the Organization of Ibero-American States (OEI) to give his testimony regarding contracts with the Department of Children and Adolescents. Alejandro Schiavi, the Undersecretary of Administrative Management of said department, also testified as a witness, and he provided technical explanations to the prosecutor on how some agreements were made.

But one of the central points that the prosecution requested from the ministry headed by Sandra Pettovello almost a month ago was to determine how much money was involved in the hiring circuit that would have been irregular. According to official sources, Clarionit is precisely Alejandro Schiavi who is working on this key aspect of the cause.

In a new letter, prosecutor González reiterated the request to the portfolio led by Pettovello. According to information provided to Clarín, despite the complaint, the certified copy of the Framework Agreement signed between the Ministry of Human Capital of the Nation and the OEI has not yet been sent to the prosecutor’s office; nor the complementary minutes signed between both since December 10, 2023.

The prosecutor’s office reiterated that the requests for contracts made by the Secretariat have yet to be sent; the personal data of the consultants who were hired under this modality and the supporting documents indicating amounts, dates and assigned tasks; as well as the service certifications that allowed the consultants to collect their fees.

One of the central points for González is to reconstruct the route of the money involved in the complaint. Based on that, it was reiterated that Human Capital still did not indicate the total amount of the expenditures carried out by the Organization of Ibero-American States.

Official sources told Clarín that by order of Pettovello from the Secretariat of Children A survey of contracts is being carried out carried out under this modality in all the Secretariats dependent on the Ministry.

The begining of everything

The key testimony was that of Federico FernandezDirector General of Administration of the Secretariat for Children and Adolescents, who according to journalistic revelations was involved in the maneuver.

She then decided to give the corresponding details to the Legal Undersecretary of the Ministry. She revealed that on January 24 she participated in a meeting with the now former Secretary of Human Capital Coordination, Maximiliano Keczeli, the Chief of Staff of the Secretariat of Children and Family, Lucía Raskowskyand the former Undersecretary of Administration who was never appointed, Augustine Sanchez Sorondo.

At that meeting, according to Fernández, “the appointment of around fifty officials who were already working there was requested.” To move forward with that idea, people who were Directors of the previous administration were dismissed, in order to “free up positions.”

But the problem was raised by Maximiliano Keczeli, who pointed out that this would not be possible until the issue of the organizational chart or new structure of the Ministry was resolved. “At that time Sánchez Sorondo suggested carrying out the aforementioned contract through OEI (Organization of Ibero-American States).”

But there was another problem: some of the people who were going to be appointed would not be able to invoice due to their tax situation, since the maximum amount of invoicing for such contracts was 1,300,000 pesos. In the case of the Directors, the average salary is 2,500,000 pesos.

Once these details were discussed, the now former officials decided to move forward with the hiring process for a period of three months, until March 31.

But Fernandez slipped in a striking fact: the money that some of the consultants charged, “was changed to dollars in order to reduce the volume of banknotes to be delivered, this being delivered directly to workers who were not part of the current payroll and others to de facto civil servants with low salaries.” That is to say: extra pay.

The remaining money in dollars -as reported- “were delivered to Pablo De la Torrethen National Secretary of Children, Adolescents and Family, to settle the payroll of the staff that was never appointed.”

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