“As trust between the business sector, the general population and the authorities is strengthened, we will have better results” Cristóbal Castañeda

The Secretary of Public Security of the State of Mexico, Cristóbal Castañeda Camarillo, assured that:

“As trust between the business sector, the general population and the authorities is strengthened, I believe that we will have better results. There is a lot of good will on the part of all the personnel that make up the Security Secretariat, there is a lot of good will on the part of the armed forces, the Army, the National Guard, the Navy, there is good will on the part of the municipalities.”

At the meeting with the Council of Chambers and Business Associations of the State of Mexico (CONCAEM), the person responsible for Public Security in the State of Mexico stressed the importance of coordination and the exchange of information between both parties to combat and reduce the incidence of crime that affects the sector, as well as the citizens, and in this way strengthen the security strategy, “The objective of strengthening ties with the business sector.”

In the company of business leaders affiliated with CONCAEM, the Secretary addressed the complexity that the entity has due to its population density, which requires improvements for state police officers, which the Governor of the State has instructed. Delfina Gomez AlvarezIn addition, he said, there has already been an approach for staff training with international experts.

“We had a meeting with the United States embassy where they opened several vacancies for colleagues to be trained in different disciplines from analysis, intelligence, reaction groups and first aid. The Governor is very willing to address these issues, she was very receptive to improving the conditions of the police in a short time.”

Mauricio Massud Martínez, president of CONCAEM, emphasized that the combination of efforts is vital to improve security in municipalities and the State so that businessmen and women can be certain that their assets will be safe.

“And so more investment will come to the State of Mexico and therefore work spaces and conditions will be created and improved.”

The business leader acknowledged the rapprochement they have had with the official who was recently appointed, the communication channels have improved, and among the agreements of the meeting he reported that they are joining the actions that are undertaken for the benefit of the officers.

“Through public-private trusts, strategic decisions can be made regarding investment in security, technology, infrastructure, equipment for security personnel and, most importantly, the dignification of our personnel. We are willing to continue building.”

CREDIT: Guillermo Espinosa / @Guiesga


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