Women with Wellbeing Edomex: this is the amount you will receive for the July-August two-month period

Women with Wellbeing Edomex: this is the amount you will receive for the July-August two-month period
Women with Wellbeing Edomex: this is the amount you will receive for the July-August two-month period

Women with Well-being is one of the social programs of Edomex (Gob Edomex)

The government of the Mexico state has resumed program payments Women with Wellbeing after a pause due to the electoral process that prevented the three levels of government from distributing any financial support.

So far this year, beneficiaries have received around 7,500 pesos corresponding to three two-month periods: January-February, March-April and May-June, although the latter two were paid together due to the pause caused by the electoral process.

The Women with Wellbeing program seeks to eradicate social and economic inequality in the entity by providing economic support to women. In addition to financial support, the program offers benefits in areas such as health, education, public transportation, life insurance, and support for female entrepreneurs.

Financial support is about to end (Women with well-being)

During the current month of July, the 650 thousand beneficiaries of the program will receive a payment of two thousand five hundred pesos corresponding to the July-August two-month period. So far, based on the information available, it is expected that these payments will be made starting in the third week of July.

The corresponding authorities recommend that beneficiaries check official media to find out the exact date of the payments; however, as in other periods, these have been falling in stages, since not all have received the money on the same day.

After the delivery of this social support, it is important to take into account that payments will still be pending. September October y November December.

Here’s how you can check the balance of your Mujeres con Bienestar card (Mujeres con Bienestar)

So that you are aware of your payment, the beneficiaries of the program Women with Wellbeing have several ways to check your balance and verify deposits. The most convenient option is to use the Welfare Bank mobile appwhich can be downloaded from the app store.

After accepting the terms and conditions and registering with the card number and ATM PIN, users can access the “Check Balance” section.

Another alternative is to call the number 8009002000 from Banco del Bienestar, where following the operator’s instructions, you can check the card balance by telephone.

For those who prefer in-person verification, it is possible to visit any ATM of the Welfare BankBy inserting the card and following the on-screen instructions, you can obtain the available balance.

He Women with Wellbeing program website It also offers information on alternative methods to check the balance, such as through WhatsApp, mobile devices and computers, in addition to the mobile application itself, available to keep beneficiaries informed about the status of their accounts and recent deposits.

He Women with Wellbeing Program has issued important safety recommendations for all its participants. It has been emphasized that it is crucial not to accept help from people who are not officially associated with the program, in order to avoid possible fraud or bad practices.

In addition, it was clarified that the application process must be personal and free of charge. Only the participant herself or a servant of the people may make this request legitimately. Any attempt by third parties to carry out the procedure does not guarantee entry into the program.

Another crucial recommendation concerns the protection of personal data. Participants are urged not to share their private information with anyone, especially on social media, to prevent possible breaches of their privacy and security.

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