Changes in the Horizontal Property Law to ban tourist apartments

Changes in the Horizontal Property Law to ban tourist apartments
Changes in the Horizontal Property Law to ban tourist apartments

The Government is preparing a Change in the Horizontal Property Law in order to give veto power to the communities of neighbours so that they can decide whether economic activities such as tourist or temporary rentals can be carried out on their properties. A new legislation will also be created before the end of the year platform that will list all properties rented in tourist mode.

Isabel RodriguezMinister of Housing and Urban Agenda, has announced “surgical” changes to the Horizontal Property Law to give veto power to neighbors that they can decide on the possibility of having a holiday home in their buildings. In addition, work is also being done on approving a decree law that would require justifying the reason when signing a medium-stay contract.

“We want to empower the neighbors, that the opinion of the owners is decisive in implementing an economic activity on their farms. Guarantee the right to authorise or veto this type of economic activity,” said Rodríguez, who announced that he will hold meetings with online platforms, affected parties and social agents to draft the regulatory change, according to El Periódico de España.

Residents will be able to decide whether or not there will be apartments dedicated to tourist rentals in their buildings. Source: Unsplash

In addition, it is planned to creating a unique platform which will include all properties rented out on tourist platforms such as Airbnb or Booking. This is expected to be ready before the end of next year, although the European directive that requires its creation allows it to be created until December 2026, and that it includes not only tourist properties, but also apartments for temporary rental.

Regarding the platform, Rodríguez has indicated that, with it, it is intended to establish a system similar to that of a “registration” so that it is known if a housing is protected, temporary or tourist.

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