Robbery of a retiree in La Plata: they beat him while he was sleeping and stole half a million pesos

Robbery of a retiree in La Plata: they beat him while he was sleeping and stole half a million pesos
Robbery of a retiree in La Plata: they beat him while he was sleeping and stole half a million pesos

A pensioner was assaulted in La Plata while he was sleeping, beaten and half a million pesos were stolen

During the night of this Monday, A 75-year-old man was the victim of a violent robbery in his home in La Plata, when two hooded assailants broke into his house while he was sleeping.

According to police sources, the criminals entered the house in City Bell, Located in the 27th Street between 474 and 475, and hit the man in the face, causing a bleeding wound to his nose. They then tied his hands with rags and forced him to reveal the location of his savings.

Although the man insisted that his dollars were in the bank, the robbers were not satisfied with that answer and meticulously searched every corner of the house. During the half hour they remained in the house, the assailants not only searched for money, but also drank a bottle of vodka they had brought.

Finally, the criminals fled with $500,000 in cash, a cell phone and the keys to the retiree’s car. They had also prepared two televisions to take with them, but they left them behind when they escaped.

The police quickly arrived at the scene, accompanied by an ambulance from SAME and Scientific Police personnel and so far, the criminals have not been located.

Investigators believe the attackers entered the home through a front window overlooking the bedroom, taking advantage of the man’s vulnerability.

So far there are no arrests.

And in another case of assault on retirees, at the end of last month, A 68-year-old man was the victim of a violent robbery at his home in La Plata, carried out by two armed and hooded criminals. The incident occurred during the early morning, while the man was resting in his house located on 50th Street, between 132 and 133, in the San Carlos neighborhood.

The robbers allegedly entered after breaking a window and obtaining the house key, allowing them to enter through the front door. Once inside, they surprised the owner in his bedroom, tying him and his dog up with underwear and ties.

According to the portal 0221, With the situation under control, the thieves searched the house, taking 200 thousand pesos, fishing equipment, a stereo, a vacuum cleaner, a 40-inch television, a tablet, bedding, clothing and footwear.

However, the most tense moment came when the criminals demanded the man’s password to access the money in his virtual wallet. After threatening him with a gun to the head, they obtained the code and increased their loot by 468 thousand additional pesos.

The criminals managed to escape before being identified. Authorities are investigating and gathering information to determine their whereabouts.

Finally, and in another similar unfortunate event, another pensioner was also a victim in La Plata. On this occasion, A 71-year-old woman was assaulted in her home. In this case, the criminals entered her home after forcing open a window and threatened her with scissors to the neck to get her to hand over her savings.

The incident took place at the intersection of General Belgrano Road and 517, in the town of Gonnet, where the criminals surprised the woman in the early hours of the morning, demanding that she hand over her savings, presumably believing that she had money in dollars.

The assault lasted for more than thirty minutes and included acts of physical and verbal violence, since according to the victim’s own account, the attackers had their faces covered and not only hit her, but also insulted her and threatened her by placing scissors on her neck.

Faced with the brutality of the situation, the woman finally gave in and handed over approximately $300.000 that he kept at home. The criminals then ransacked the residence, taking with them various valuable objects, including two iPhones and two winter jackets.

To date, the authorities have not been able to find those responsible for this violent act, although it is suspected that they could be linked to a criminal gang that has carried out other assaults with similar characteristics in the northern area of The Silver.

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