Luca Bocci bids farewell to his album “Paraíso Corazón” with a tour that begins in Niceto

Luca Bocci bids farewell to his album “Paraíso Corazón” with a tour that begins in Niceto
Luca Bocci bids farewell to his album “Paraíso Corazón” with a tour that begins in Niceto
The artist from Mendoza bids farewell to his third album “Paraíso Corazón” with a tour of Buenos Aires that begins in Capital Federal and is presented at Niceto Club on Saturday, July 27

Luca Bocci’s unique sensitivity found a new refuge in 2023 with Paraíso Corazón, his third album. But today, looking ahead to what is to come and after a successful presentation of it at Teatro Vorterix, he is preparing to close this sonic and poetic cycle and bid farewell.

He will do so with a tour of Buenos Aires, which begins next Saturday, July 27 at Niceto Club. Tickets are already available through Passline Argentina.

Paraíso Corazón is Luca Bocci’s most recent album. His third full-length is his return after No pierdes la simplesza and his entire post-pandemic process, his return to Buenos Aires after a time living in Barcelona and all the artistic wave he received while in European lands.These 10 songs reflect the purest part of my being. The sound is very diverse, with R&B, gospel, soul, punk, rock, hip-hop; on this album I completely let go in sound and focused specifically on the message.“.

Lucas Jeremías Bocci was born in Mendoza (Argentina) but from a young age he became a worldly person. Cosmopolitan and exploratory in his daily life, his music has a constant search for new sounds, styles and explorations that make it one of the most avant-garde projects when it comes to talking about new Argentine music.

With three albums released, the debut being a viral phenomenon and the second an introspective search, his third and most recent, “Paraíso Corazón”, represents for Luca an emotional journey “of the self”, an attempt to connect with what we all carry inside, a garden or Eden where it is sometimes difficult to find peace.

27/07 – Niceto Club (Autonomous City of Buenos Aires)
10/08 – City of Cats (La Plata)
16/08 – The Amichi Bar (San Miguel)
17/08 – Labyrinth Cultural Space (Morón)
22/08 – CCSI San Isidro (San Isidro)
23/08 – Tempuja Art Club (Bernal)

It also sums up Bocci perfectly in one great photo. He is pain and storm, he is light and shadow, he is imperfect and incomplete, “but at the end of the day you are what you are”, and there is only one Luca Bocci in the world.

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