The Tories are facing the abyss after 14 years in power

The Tories are facing the abyss after 14 years in power
The Tories are facing the abyss after 14 years in power

The United Kingdom faces early general elections today which, according to polls, will return power to the Labour Party after 14 years with the Conservatives at the head of the government, although British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has exhausted all his efforts until yesterday to minimize a defeat that is expected to be devastating.

And, to do so, he turned to an old acquaintance: the ex premier Boris Johnson, who made a surprise appearance at a Conservative Party rally to show his support for the party ahead of the election.

Despite the fact that the polls agree in taking Keir Starmer’s victory as the future tenant of Downing Street for granted, with an absolute majority never seen before in the country, the former leader tory He said it was not “too late” to “get out of the abyss” and avoid an “overwhelming” Labour majority.

In his view, Sunak’s rival will come to power because “too many moderate Conservatives” are about to vote for other parties, which would mean they would get “exactly the opposite of what they really want”.

Until now, Johnson had not been seen campaigning for the election, which shows the concern in his ranks.

Moreover, the UK Minister for Work and Pensions, Mel Stride, predicted on the last day before going to vote that his main opponents will obtain an unprecedented victory, completely breaking the line set by Sunak, who tried to qualify these statements by pointing out that it is a warning about the risks of “a very large majority, without supervision”, of the Labour Party.

In this sense, he stressed that the Tories “fight for every vote”, since he estimates that the difference may be “only 130,000 people”, under the British nation’s single-member constituency system. premier He promised in any case that he would take full responsibility for the outcome, whatever it may be. “Of course, I am the leader of the party,” he said.

Starmer also did not want to take anything for granted and pointed out that the Labour minister’s statements were aimed at “voter suppression”. “He is trying to get people to stay at home instead of going out and voting,” said the Labour leader.

More than 45 million citizens in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, the four nations that make up the United Kingdom, are called to the polls to vote on the composition of the 650-seat House of Commons of Parliament.

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