What is the difference between the Michoacan Family and the New Michoacan Family?

What is the difference between the Michoacan Family and the New Michoacan Family?
What is the difference between the Michoacan Family and the New Michoacan Family?

What are the differences between these two criminal organizations? Image: Infobae Mexico

The United States Government sanctioned and accused members of the New Michoacan Family On June 20, he accused them, among many other things, of trafficking fentanyl to the American Unionbut what is the difference between this criminal group and The Michoacan Family?

US authorities have been investigating this criminal organization since 2016 and, according to the accusations, the New Michoacan Family He allegedly imported heroin, cocaine and marijuana from that date the United States.

However, new information from the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), of the United States Department of the Treasury USAreports that this group is already trafficking fentanyl, methamphetamine, migrants and narcotics.

According to the organization Insight Crime, The Michoacan Family It initially emerged as “a private surveillance group, turning against Los Zetas and attacking addicts and methamphetamine traffickers.”

Insight Crime He says that the criminal group became known in 2006 and quickly gained followers, as it “resolved local disputes, provided employment, and did social work.”

Fentanyl from La Familia Michoacana reaches at least five states in the US. (Infobae Mexico/Jesus Aviles)

“When the family At the height of its power, it was one of the strongest, bloodiest and most powerful Mexican criminal organizations, whose activities ranged from drug trafficking and kidnapping to extortion and systematic blackmail,” the non-profit organization said.

The Michoacan Family was led by Nazari Moreno Gonzalezalias “El Chayo” or “The Craziest”, and by Jesus Mendez Vargasalias “El Chango Mendez”.

Municipalities and localities controlled by Monkey Mendez were Buenavista, La Ruana, Los Reyes, Cotija, Zamora; while The Chayo operated in Lazaro CardenasArio de Rosales, Uruapan, MoreliaZitacuaro and Huetamo.

In December 2010, the false death of ““The Chayo” after an alleged shootout with the police, which is why rumors of the possible dissolution of the criminal group began. Four years later, according to Insight CrimeIn March 2014, his death was confirmed after being murdered by security forces in Tumbiscatío.

After the death of The Chayohis right hand, Servando Gomezalias “La Tuta”, took command of that part of The Michoacan Familyalthough for a short time because it would form The Knights Templar later, being Monkey Mendez his main rival until he was captured in June 2011.

At the time, “El Chayo” and “El Chango” were identified as the leaders of the Familia Michoacana (Photo: OFAC)

To Chango Mendez They stop him and that’s when the group of The Michoacan Family begins to be attacked by self-defense groups, but the son of The monkey (Jesus “El Monguito” Mendez) is the one that is reorganized and is when it arises The New Michoacan Family“, he said in an interview for Infobae Mexico the journalist and writer Jesus Lemuswho claimed that the emergence of The New Family It has more to do with the identity of the groups that worked for the father of “The Little Monkey”.

“They are expanding, they have the vision of starting to launder their money in a company that they establish with the Cuinis (financial arm of the CJNG). And that is where, I think, all the flourishing of The New Michoacan Family which of course are very different things from the old and the new family.”

“It is not the same, they are very different things, because the new Michoacan Family “It also came to be nourished by self-defense groups,” said the author of books such as “El Licenciado,” “El Fiscal Imperial” and “El Cártel Judicial,” who assured that The old Michoacan family is blurred in the state.

It should be noted that The Little Monkey He was captured in the municipality of Amealco, Querétaroin April 2018.

However, for Mike Vigil, former head of International Operations for the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)for its acronym in English) of the United States, it was on that date when the Familia Michoacana began to weaken almost completely, and shortly after the Nueva Familia Michoacana emerged, led by the Hurtado Olascoaga brothers, José Alfredo and Johnny, known as El Pez and la Fresa, respectively.

“They are forming the new Familia Michoacana, but using members of the old Familia. They are almost the same,” Vigil said in an interview with this publishing house, highlighting that the old Familia Michoacana no longer exists.

He highlighted that the Nueva Familia Michoacana has been identified by the North American authorities for their trafficking of fentanyl with multiple colors, a seal with which they wanted to make themselves known in the drug market.

He pointed out that although the New Michoacan Family is not as powerful as the Sinaloa Cartel or the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG), they can become so and form the third cartel, while asking the Mexican authorities and the DEA pay attention to the criminal structure.

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