Mets on winning pace in Majors

Mets on winning pace in Majors
Mets on winning pace in Majors

It took time, but with a record of 18 wins in their last 26 games, the New York Mets have found success under Venezuelan Carlos Mendoza.

The Mets, who bet on Mendoza before the start of the season, have improved their game and have placed their record above .500 (42-41), bringing them one game away from the third wild card qualifying for the National League postseason.

“The last two or three weeks we have seen what we are capable of,” Mendoza said about the level of play his team has brought to the field.

The Mets’ success has not been automatic, but has come hand in hand with the improvement on both sides of the game that they have achieved under Mendoza.

In the first two months of the season, the Mets’ collective batting average was just .237, but from June until today, Mendoza’s team has shown what was expected of them, reaching a group average of .282, adding a total of 45 home runs, far exceeding the 28 hit in April and the 29 in May.

The change in results is so radical that the Mets went from having the worst pitching among the 30 teams in the month of May, where they were attacked for 136 earned runs in 252.1 innings, to occupying the 17th place in the month of June.

Right-hander Luis Severino and left-hander José Quintana have contributed to this improvement in the starting rotation.—EFE

9:05 a.m. Mets (Quintana) at Washington (Irvin); 10:35 a.m. St. Louis (Pallante) at Pittsburgh (Perez); 11:05 a.m. Cincinnati (Montas) at Yankees (Stroman); Houston (Valdez) at Toronto (Bassitt); 11:10 a.m. Detroit (Maeda) at Minnesota (Ober); White Sox (PD) at Cleveland (Lively); Boston (Pivetta) at Miami (Tyler); 12:20 p.m. Philadelphia (Sanchez) at Cubs (Taillon); 12:35 p.m. San Diego (King) at Texas (Scherzer); 2:05 p.m. Angels (Contreras) at Oakland (Sears); Baltimore (Burnes) at Seattle (Miller);

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