Carlos Cuerpo participates in the Spain-Japan Business Forum held in Tokyo

Tokyo (Japan), Jul 4 (EFE).- The Minister of Economy, Trade and Business of Spain, Carlos Cuerpo, d…

Tokyo (Japan), Jul 4 (EFE).- The Minister of Economy, Trade and Business of Spain, Carlos Cuerpo, highlighted on Thursday the growing economic and business ties between this country and Japan, and called for expanding them to new areas such as sensitive technologies or defense, during a visit to Tokyo. Cuerpo sent this message during his speech at the Spain-Japan Business Forum, organized this Thursday in the Japanese capital by ICEX, in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce and CEOE. IMAGES: MARÍA CARCABOSO ABRIÉ. RESOURCE IMAGES FROM THE Spain-Japan Business Forum IN TOKYO, JAPAN. STATEMENTS BY THE SPANISH MINISTER OF ECONOMY, TRADE AND BUSINESS CARLOS CUERPO: – “In short, this political trust that exists between Spain and Japan should create new opportunities for our companies to collaborate in global value chains, in which trust and stability will become essential values.” – “Thirdly, I would like to highlight the increasingly close economic and trade ties shown by foreign trade and direct investment data, as well as the significant presence of Japanese companies established in Spain and vice versa. Let me mention a few figures: trade flow between Japan and Spain amounted to 7.45 billion euros in 2023, a record high in our bilateral trade. I think this is a good sign, even in these difficult times. Spanish exports to Japan have experienced a significant positive trend, doubling since 2010 and reaching almost 3 billion euros in 2023.” – “I encourage Spanish companies to strengthen their commitment to Japan and Japanese companies to strengthen theirs to Spain. And I believe that, by doing so, their capacities to continue to strengthen and the ties and businesses in which they work together in third markets will be as successful as they have been until now. I will end by expressing, once again, my message of security and optimism. We have all the necessary elements to make these alliances between our countries a great opportunity for progress, development and modernization. The moment is right. Our ties are strong and long-lasting. And we have the business and institutional framework to achieve it.”

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