Price of avocado in Xalapa impacts economy of families and sellers – Diario de Xalapa

Price of avocado in Xalapa impacts economy of families and sellers – Diario de Xalapa
Price of avocado in Xalapa impacts economy of families and sellers – Diario de Xalapa

For a month now, the price of avocado has been rising, so it is currently selling for up to 120 pesos per kilogram..

According to some vendors, families choose to take only one or two pieces so they can afford it.

What do sellers think about the price of avocado in Xalapa?

Mrs. Claudia Viveros, a vendor at the Jáuregui market, He said that almost no one buys by the kilo anymore, except for restaurants that cannot do without this fruit..

“It has increased a lot. It was 60 pesos per kilo and it is now up to 120 pesos per kilo. About a month ago it started to go up little by little. I have the medium one for 100 pesos, there is another larger one that costs 120.”

He explained that the Food stores are the only ones that have not stopped buying avocadossince they require it for the food they offer.

“Only in restaurants do they bring it, like Los Nopales, here in the Los Nopales restaurant they bring two kilos a day, three kilos, but that’s it, for whatever it costs because they use it for the sauce, for the salads.”

What is the price of Hass avocado in Xalapa stores?

He said that for those who cannot buy the Hass avocado, they also have the option of buying another variety that is smaller..

“There is the black one over there, but they say it doesn’t taste very good. The truth is I’ve never tried it because it doesn’t attract my attention, like this one that attracts attention, that one is from Chiapas and that one is 50 pesos per kilo.”

He explained that even sellers have to buy less from their suppliers so that they do not spoil, considering that customers take less.

“Since it is expensive, we buy very little. We used to buy eight boxes and now we buy three, four boxes only. People ask and say it is very expensive and they just ask and leave. They don’t eat avocado anymore.”

Don Juan Garcia, another seller, said that He has the price of a kilo of avocado between 110 and 120 pesos and that is the best quality, although already Not all families can afford it..

“Right now we are selling Hass avocados at 110, 120 per kilo of the first quality because there is little harvest and it is almost over, so that is why it is going up, it is increasing now.”

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He said that the avocado they sell is from Michoacán and the surrounding areas of Xalapa.but due to shortages it is increasing more and more.

“People almost have a heart attack with that price; they take less, logically they take less, right now I am buying one or two racks, they are called taritas, of the nine kilos that they bring sometimes they keep one or two”he said.

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