My Hero Academia epilogue reveals Lady Nagant’s status

My Hero Academia epilogue reveals Lady Nagant’s status
My Hero Academia epilogue reveals Lady Nagant’s status

My Hero Academia’s epilogue has revealed Lady Nagant’s future

My Hero Academia manga chapter 426 reveals Lady Nagant’s future

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After defeating All For One once and for all, The plot of My Hero Academia has focused on the aftermath of the fierce war against this villainsince the heroes have the responsibility of taking the reins of this new stage by helping the population overcome this great disaster that almost culminated in the disappearance of Japan.

In addition, My Hero Academia’s epilogue is addressing more details about this new stageshowing how Deku and company will deal with the great challenge of building a bright future in which the problems and stigmas of the past have no place. But that’s not all, since this section of the work has been in charge of tie up some of the loose ends that the plot had, as is the case of the Todoroki family that received a definitive closure in the last chapter.

However, this has not been the only interesting thing that the most recent chapter of My Hero Academiasince this one has also Lady Nagant’s future revealedwho was of great help in the beginning of the fierce war against All For One and Shigaraki.

It’s fasting Contains spoilers for the Chapter 426 of the My Hero Academia manga.

My Hero Academia’s epilogue reveals Lady Nagant’s future

My Hero Academia has revealed the future of Lady Nagant

It is known that the My Hero Academia manga is very close to its end, since there are only five chapters left for this story to culminate, so They have been addressing the post-war stage of several of the characters in the work.among them, Lady Nagantwho made a great gesture by helping Deku during his battle against Shigaraki.

Evidently, this feat of Lady Nagant was worthy of admiration, for Despite his serious injuries, he did not hesitate to help the heroes.. Furthermore, this also meant the redemption of this former villain who wanted to atone for her sins by being useful to Midoriya during his battle against Shigaraki, which is not surprising, since Deku greatly influenced Nagant’s change of attitudeto the point that it made her regain faith in society.

Nagant made no further appearances in the series during the war. However, the most recent chapter has brought back this former villain, as The future of this section of the work has been revealedbecause during this episode you can see Kaina (Lady Nagant) recovered from her wounds and talking with Hawkswho has visited her in prison to let her know that she is free and that she needs her help with some things.

Nevertheless, Lady Nagant has decided to remain in prisonas she is still afraid of being manipulated again and also wants to see How the world changes thanks to Midoriya’s actionsso he will wait a little longer to see how society assimilates this transition in order to be able to leave this place.

Lady Nagant’s decision is understandablesince this former heroine experienced firsthand the corruption that reigned in society, which pushed her to become a villain and carry out questionable actions, which she has been atoning for by helping the heroes, so the fact that she does not feel ready to deal with society yet is totally understandable.

The epilogue of My Hero Academia has been developing in a very interesting and successful way, as it has been dedicated to addressing the loose ends that the plot had and reveal the future of several of the series’ most beloved charactersas has been the case with Lady Nagantwho has decided to wait for the right moment to regain his freedom.

Without a doubt, The final stretch of My Hero Academia has left several memorable moments that have unleashed a wave of emotions in the followers, who will carry in their minds and in their hearts each one of these wonderful scenes that he gave us Kohei Horikoshi for ten years.

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