Escrivá says the government will not know which users of its app watch pornography

Jose Luis EscrivaMinister of Digital Transformation, has stated that the Government will not know which users of its future application Digital Wallet Beta They request credentials to consume pornography. “Although the Administration issues the credentials, it will not store who requests them or how many they request,” he stated in a long thread on his personal X account (formerly Twitter). He then pointed out that the National Cryptologic Center will be in charge of guaranteeing this.

The minister also guarantees that the anonymity of the user who uses the application, which is being designed with the aim of blocking minors from accessing pornographic content, “is guaranteed”, both in terms of requesting access credentials for websites with adult content and the use of these to navigate within them.

“The administration will not keep a record of applicants, so there will be no list that can be consulted or hacked,” Escrivá also stressed. In agreement with the Government, all user information will be stored on their own mobile device.

The Digital Wallet Beta application will be available in approximately two months and will not only allow adults to request access to pages with adult content. It will also be possible to store ID, academic qualifications or census information.

Each time a request is made for credentials to access pornography, the state will give you batches of 30 that can be reused up to ten times and at random. The aim is to prevent websites from being able to profile users based on the number of visits they make to the site. These credentials will expire after one month. “If they run out, they can be renewed without limit even if the month has not passed,” said Escrivá.

Be that as it may, the system devised by the Government will continue to have, at least in principle, very limited effectiveness on the network. The Government will not be able to force any of the foreign pornography websites to use its age verification system, which will ensure that these pages, which are much more popular among Spaniards than national ones, will remain easily accessible to all users, both adults and minors.

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