Video: Shocking fuel truck explosion on a road in Brazil

Video: Shocking fuel truck explosion on a road in Brazil
Video: Shocking fuel truck explosion on a road in Brazil

Thursday 4.7.2024


Last update 6:47

A truck carrying fuel on a road in Brazil caught fire on Wednesday after noon, causing a massive explosion. Fortunately, there were no fatalities, but people were injured with burns.

The incident took place on the BR 010 highway, also known as Rodovia Belém-Brasilia, between the municipalities of Paragominas and Ulianópolis, in the state of Pará.

Injured by the explosion

Local media reported that the explosion left at least six people injured, three of whom are members of the SBT Paragominas team: presenter and reporter Alan Nelis, cameraman Wellington Moura and technician Márcio Lopes, who suffered second-degree burns.

The same happened to two firefighters who worked in the emergency and a person who was taking pictures of the fire. All the people involved, who were sent to an Emergency Unit in the area, are out of danger.

Journalist Nelis, 27, recounted his experience after the scare. “It all happened very fast. People took refuge behind cars. The cameraman and the technician managed to run towards a patch of vegetation, but I couldn’t because I had foot surgery,” he told the UOL website in Brazil.

According to him, who suffered burns on his neck and arm, the team was at least 200 metres away from the site at the time of the explosion. “It was a safe distance and we did not even imagine that this could happen. The burns were not caused by the fire, but by the gas vapour which was very strong,” he added.

It is investigated

For reasons that are still unknown and are being investigated, the tanker truck caught fire. Faced with this situation, the driver left the vehicle stopped on the shoulder while the fire grew increasingly out of control. The incident caused a traffic jam of more than 3 kilometers.

At the same time, several witnesses were recording the tremendous scene, until a loud explosion was heard that caused panic among those present, as can be seen and heard in the videos that were released and quickly went viral.

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