PP and Vox approve their plan to investigate the public sector of the Botànic

PP and Vox approve their plan to investigate the public sector of the Botànic
PP and Vox approve their plan to investigate the public sector of the Botànic

VALENCIA (EP). PP and Vox have put forward this Thursday their work plan for the commission of inquiry into the instrumental public sector of the Generalitat during the previous Botànic government, between 2015 and 2023. A program that the opposition rejects for not investigating the previous ‘popular’ governments and for considering that it will be “a headline factory” with nothing behind it.

This is what the groups have conveyed before the commission’s session in Les Corts to approve the work plan, which will foreseeably begin at the end of September during the Thursdays on which there is no plenary session. In the commission, PP and Vox have voted in favour of their plan and against those presented by PSPV and Compromís.

From the PP, the deputy Ruben Ibanez He has defended the need to investigate “the most expensive government in history, with duplicities and illegal contracts.” “This is not against anything or anyone, but rather to ensure that it does not happen again,” he retorted to the opposition.

He also guaranteed that this commission will not be “a parade of media personalities”, as he believes was the case with the Botànic, and the number of those expected to appear could be increased. “The former senior officials of Puig and Oltra who are going to appear have things to explain,” he said, and he announced that the first to appear could be the auditor of the Generalitat and the Síndic de Comptes.

Maria Teresa Ramirez (Vox) has agreed that the commission “does not consist of a parade of high-ranking officials, but in giving answers to citizens”, and has replied to the opposition that if they wanted to investigate the PP governments “they have had eight years to do so”.

From the PSPV, Toni Gaspar He has stated that they do not expect “anything” from the commission because “the conclusions are already written.” “I do not know if the PP wants to find out how the Botànic has tried to fix the blunders of previous years,” he said, and predicted that what there will be are “many headlines every time the PP and Vox government struggles with management, as we have seen lately.”

“Entrances to Camps”

Having said this, he has urged the ‘popular’ to “ask for tickets” for the dinner that is being held this Thursday in Valencia with supporters of the ‘expresident’ Francisco Camps “Because there will be a lot of people there who are qualified to speak about the public sector.” “When we arrived in 2015, we created commissions of inquiry because there are rulings, now there are observations,” he stressed.

And the deputy spokesperson for Compromís Isaura Navarro He has criticised the PP and Vox for using their “steamroller” and not accepting any proposal for a commission that “they want to extend throughout the legislature to oppose the opposition”, when he has recalled that the public sector is already subject to public audits.

“We inherited many cases of corruption and what we did was try to fix all the misdeeds of these people, and we have no problem with our managers coming to appear,” he emphasized, and assured that the ‘president’, Carlos Mazón“He announced a private audit of the public sector that he has not done because in reality there is nothing.”

Appearing parties

As announced by PP and Vox last month, the former councillors of the Botànic will parade through the commission Vicente Marzà (Education and Gabriela Bravo (Justice) along with former high-ranking officials such as Mako Mira (Economy), José Mª Ángel (Emergencies), Enric Nomdedéu (Employment), Anaïs Menguzzato (Government Railways), José Luis Pérez Pont (Museum Consortium) Empar Marco y Alfred Costa (At Punt).

The work plan establishes that the commission will have a year and a half to complete its work and prepare a report, with the possibility of an extension. Once approved, it will be submitted to the plenary session of Les Corts for debate and voting.

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