Evolution may fall victim to the spider web – VCY.org

Evolution may fall victim to the spider web – VCY.org
Evolution may fall victim to the spider web – VCY.org

Job 8:13‑14

“Such are the ways of all who forget God. And so the hope of the wicked will perish, for their hope is as a thread, and their confidence as a spider’s web.”

For more than a century, scientists have puzzled over the ornaments that at least 78 species of spiders weave into their webs. The extra bars and Xs seem to serve no obvious purpose. Some have suggested they could be hiding places, sun shields, warnings for birds or baits for insects. Now a researcher at Kyoto University may have discovered the purpose of these designs. If he’s right, evolutionary theory may be the victim of these webs.

The Asian spider the researcher investigated builds two different types of webs. When well fed, the spider adds silk bands along the rungs of the web. However, when this spider is hungry it arranges these bands so that they spiral towards the center of the web. After testing the tension on both types of webs it was discovered that the webs with the spiral bands are much more sensitive to even the smallest insects than the webs with bands. In other words, the hungry spider is looking for any insect it can eat. The satisfied spider is only interested in large insects. The question is, how could undiscerning evolution give these spiders the structural engineering knowledge necessary to create these designs? Besides, according to the evolutionary tree for spiders, this knowledge would have had to have evolved at least nine times! A much more logical and straightforward explanation is that the Creator gave spiders this knowledge when He created them.

Prayer: Help me, Lord, to do all things excellently, as You have done. Amen.

Ref: Science News3/25/00, p. 198, “Hungry spiders fine-tune web-stirring.” Photo: Spider Web Pixabay.com

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