The Vaseline Wave is here to stay; its members assure (VIDEO)

The Vaseline Wave is here to stay; its members assure (VIDEO)
The Vaseline Wave is here to stay; its members assure (VIDEO)

MONTERREY, Nuevo Leon.- The Vaseline Wavea musical group that formed in the late 80s Julissa is back, and its current members promise to stay with the purpose of reviving among the public those songs that led them to be one of the favorite groups among children and adolescents of that time.

The line-up currently consists of Luis Carranza, Ariatna Martinez, Gonzalo Alba y Barbara Macias includes two new members: Annabella Hoyos y Ramon Valdezall of them through a renewed concept will reach the Cumbres Auditorium in a concert that they will offer this July 20th.

At a press conference held on Wednesday afternoon at the aforementioned venue, four of the six members shared their joy, but above all the opportunity they will have to meet again with those fans from Monterrey who were part of the musical history of La Onda Vaselina with hits such as ‘Susanita tiene un ratón’, ‘Calendario de amor’ or ‘El Guasón’.

The music of La Onda Vaselina has been in the hearts of many people and it was there as if saved, so we decided to do this reunion to give this memory to the fans who really liked the group and now we are living this new stage with these wonderful companions who are Anabella and Ramón and as I always say, La Onda Vaselina was 17 in total, now we are 19 who form the history of La Onda Vaselina in its 2024 stage.

Luis Carranza ,

original member of La Onda Vaselina.

For his part, Gonzalo Alba said that the most difficult thing for the now sextet has been this reunion where they already offered a concert in the city of Guadalajara.

Being able to make the agendas match because everyone lives in different cities, everyone has their children, their families, their jobs, so achieving this is like making a football team, inviting all the friends, seeing each other, singing, dancing because it is the happiest thing that makes us and we hope it lasts much longer, that is the idea.

Gonzalo Alba ,

original member of La Onda Vaselina.

In the case of Annabella Hoyos y Ramon Valdezwho are not part of the original members of Onda Vaselina, said that they joined this renewed concept at the invitation of Julissa, who is in charge of the project and has owned the group’s name since 1989.

For me it is an emotion and above all I feel grateful to be invited to a project that is so important and that has had so much weight in past generations and with great figures and as Luis says, being part of the 17 and now 19 members that was Onda Vaselina at the time, well it does cause an impact and personally it is something that I was able to understand at the Guadalajara show when I saw that nostalgia that emanated from the public at the moment in which we sang for example ‘Susanita tiene un ratón’ that made me realize what project I was involved in.

Annabella Hoyo ,

former member of Fandango.

‘In my case, I was very close to being part of the group and I always wanted to be part of Onda Vaselina, which I couldn’t do because I lived in another city. So at 43 years old, this has become a reality for me, and I’m reliving that stage when I was a child and I feel lucky,’ said Váldez.

Tickets to see this La Onda Vaselina concert can be purchased through with prices starting at $531 pesos.

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