A pensioner was beaten, her car was stolen and she was dumped in the middle of the street in Córdoba

A pensioner was beaten, her car was stolen and she was dumped in the middle of the street in Córdoba
A pensioner was beaten, her car was stolen and she was dumped in the middle of the street in Córdoba

After being attacked, the victim collapsed in the middle of the street (Facebook)

On Wednesday afternoon, a retired woman from Córdoba She lived through a terrifying situation after a gang of criminals approached her to steal her car. The sequence was recorded by one of the security cameras in the area, where it was possible to see how the attack on the woman took place, who did not even try to defend herself. There is still no one arrested for the incident.

Shortly after 5 p.m., the victim was parked in his car Fiat Mobi red on Juan Rodríguez Street, between Agustín Garzón and Corrientes, in the San Vicente neighborhood, when she was surprised by at least four thieves.

It is not yet clear how the criminals got to the scene, as the clip from the video that was made public only shows the moment when they started beating the woman. In fact, One of them approached the driver’s door and shook it. so that it can be removed from the seat.

In the middle of the struggle, the attacker managed to throw the woman to the ground, but he was not happy with this, because A kick that he allegedly gave her in order to get her out of the place was also recorded. In this way, the thief and his accomplices got into the vehicle to escape.

Finally, the victim collapsed in the middle of the street, while the gang of criminals took the vehicle. However, he was not the only person attacked by the criminals. According to information published by ElDoce.tvThe owner of the house across the street where the pensioner had parked was also beaten when he tried to stop the robbery.

The area where the victim was parked (Google Maps screenshot)

A few days ago, another retiree called Americo Rearte (75) from the Coronel Olmedo neighborhood moved the community after reporting the theft of the Peugeot 504 truck that he used for work. “I have to do freight, I don’t have enough money to buy medicine,” the man said during an interview for Telenoche.

“They cut off my hands,” lamented the victim, saying that he had gone to pay some bills, but when he left the store the vehicle was nowhere to be found. When talking about the difficult situation he is going through, the man could not help crying as he revealed that he had no way of recovering what he had lost, because the truck was not insured because it had not been accepted by the local insurance companies.

For her part, one of Reartes’ daughters, Sandra, said that for her father the “truck was his other daughter and these bastards hurt the person who has the least evil in the neighborhood.” In this way, the woman stressed that the retiree is a person appreciated in the neighborhood, since he was always willing to lend a hand, regardless of whether the person had money to pay him at the time.

The vehicle was stolen in the Coronel Olmedo neighborhood and, so far, has not been located (Facebook)

“It was published everywhere, on all social networks, many people collaborated with information but we cannot find the whereabouts of the van,” said the woman, emphasizing that all they wanted was to recover the vehicle. “Let them leave it somewhere, but let it appear, I beg you,” she pleaded.

For this reason, the family said that those interested in collaborating with the search can call 911 or 3516 436203. “For the health of my old man, I am asking you from the bottom of my heart. It could be his father, it could be his grandfather,” said the woman, indicating that they did not want the details of those responsible, since they were only interested in recovering the vehicle.

“That’s all we ask, it’s his work tool. He’s a poor pensioner who doesn’t hurt anyone and all he does is help the neighbors,” Reartes said, then encouraging people who might have suspicions about where the vehicle might be to report it to the authorities.

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