Congress takes into consideration the reform of the CGPJ after the agreement between the PP and the PSOE, live

Congress takes into consideration the reform of the CGPJ after the agreement between the PP and the PSOE, live
Congress takes into consideration the reform of the CGPJ after the agreement between the PP and the PSOE, live

He Congress Plenary Session will take the first step on Thursday to process the proposed law that will reform the Law of the Judiciary (LOPJ) and the Statute of the Public Prosecutor’s Office in order to avoid the so-called ‘revolving doors’ in Justice, reinforce the majorities when approving judicial appointments and place the new General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ) to make proposals on possible changes to the system for electing members.

This legislative reform, which is part of the pact between the PP and the PSOE to renew the CGPJ after more than five years of blockage, it will be processed by the urgent procedure to approve it in three plenary sessions in the Congress and one in the Senate. In fact, the bill was qualified this Tuesday by the Board of Congress, the same day it was published in the Bulletin of the Cortesthe Government only took a little more than an hour to communicate its agreement to be debated, and it will pass its first examination in the Plenary at 48 hours.

Once the law is taken into consideration, the parliamentary groups will have until next Tuesday, July 9to present amendments, which in the case of totality will require the presentation of a alternative text since it will not be enough to ask for a refund.

The debate on the whole is scheduled to take place on the 11th, and the following week the text will be debated in the Justice Commission and on the 23rd it will be approved in the Plenary Session of Congress for its submission to the Senate, which could give the final green light the following day, according to sources from the Senate who informed Europa Press. High camera.

The sum of PP and PSOEabove two-thirds of the chambers, ensures that they will pass all votes in the various phases of the parliamentary procedure. In addition, they have committed that no amendment will be accepted that is not signed by the two big parties.

The person in charge of defending the PP’s position has been its ‘parliamentary’ spokesperson Miguel Telladowho has stated that “Pedro Sánchez has made a pact with various populisms” and has “turned himself and his party into the greatest exponent of populism.” He also argued that the leader of the Executive considers “that the majority vote is above any legal order and institutional counterweight.” “We have seen things that we have never seen before. Never before has a Spanish Government appointed a former minister on the same day of her dismissal,” he added.

Tellado also stated that the PSOE was “not willing” to depoliticise Justice and “renew” the CGPJ. However, the PP found “a great ally” in the European Union, which has acted as a “guarantor”. In addition, he assured that “in 6 months there will be a serious proposal for reform drawn up by the new members of the Council. And this reform is not only the PSOE’s commitment to the PP, but also to the European Commission.”

The deputy of the Popular Party Parliamentary Group «Feijoo’s leadership in this negotiation has been brave» and that is why «we can have this agreement today, and we can have this law here today.» In addition, he has asked that «they do not interpret today’s events as a breath of fresh air for the Government to facilitate its survival, because it is not» but rather «it is a breath of fresh air for Justice to guarantee its survival.» «With this agreement we maintain loyalty to the state. It is positive news for Spain,» concluded Tellado in his speech.

For his part, the spokesman for the Socialists in the Lower House, Patxi López, spoke on behalf of his party and told the PP that “either you respect the institutions or you are outside of them.”

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