This was the brutal trolling of Escrivá using the domain ‘’

The term ‘pajaporte’ continues to dominate the headlines. More and more people have used this word to criticise Escrivá’s new law, which seeks to restrict visits to adult websites.

This solution will take the form of a mobile phone application. It will be responsible for verifying the age of each user when they request access to an adult content platform. It will be called “Digital Wallet”.

José Luis Escrivá, Minister for Digital Transformation, explained that the first version of the app will be available “after the summer.”

The first thing the user must do is install an app on their mobile phone. This will load a document or certificate issued by a trusted entity stating the date of birth. When a website listed as unsuitable for minors appears, the age must be verified in order to enter.

For computers and consoles, an application that verifies age through a QR code must be used. It will be installed on the mobile phone. When the website requires the user’s age, the QR code must be scanned through the device’s camera.

Following this, several people have come up with the idea of ​​acquiring the domain name ‘pajaporte’. All of this in order to troll Minister Escrivá. In fact, yesterday it was possible to see how entering ‘’ in Google directly directed the website of the Ministry headed by Escrivá.

The brutal trolling of Escrivá

It was not only the main domains that this person bought (.es and .com). Other Internet users also bought the pages, pajaporte.sites and

It should be remembered that these domains are temporary in duration.

The tool finally chosen by Escrivá will contain a voucher of 30 access credentials, or sessions valid for 30 days, which will allow adults to access pornographic sites after identifying themselves with their electronic ID. They will be able to use the same credential three times within the same platform.

Building of the Ministry for Digital Transformation and Public Service with trees in the foreground

It should be noted that this measure or app is in a beta phase of the project. It will only be mandatory for content exchange platforms established in Spain, although the Government wants messaging applications, social networks or browsers to be restricted.

Most apps based in Ireland and Spain also want to require age verification if there is adult content.

The networks ridicule the ‘pajaporte’

As expected, social media has not wanted to miss the opportunity to talk about this new term. Thousands of users have alluded to the new law by talking about this ‘handjob’ to gain access to adult content.

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