Science: Creativity and knowledge in more than 25 exhibitions by students of Epet N 51

Science: Creativity and knowledge in more than 25 exhibitions by students of Epet N 51
Science: Creativity and knowledge in more than 25 exhibitions by students of Epet N 51

Iguazu (The Voice of Cataratas) EPET Nº 51, located in the town of 2000 Hectares, held its Science Fair on July 2, bringing together more than 150 students who presented a total of 25 works. This event, a celebration of knowledge and creativity, highlighted the orientation in Food Technology that characterizes this educational institution.

During the day, the students, with the support of school coordinators Aguirre, Anderson, and González Dos Santos Mónica, presented projects covering a wide variety of topics. Among the outstanding works were research on Artificial Intelligence, Safe Food Handling, Food Preservation, Food Production Chain, Water in Food Production, Identification of Pathogenic and Non-Pathogenic Microorganisms, Fermentation, and Chicha Production. Cultural and social aspects were also explored with presentations on Myths and Legends of Misiones and Danger in Social Networks, among others.

The Science Fair not only provided a platform for students to demonstrate their knowledge and skills, but also allowed the community to learn more about EPET Nº 51 and its activities. Visitors were able to appreciate the school’s commitment to the education and comprehensive training of its students, highlighting its focus on crucial areas such as technology and food safety.

The event also included the participation and collaboration of the Chief Inspector, Lorena Aranda, and her team, who attended on behalf of the Bromatology Department of the Municipality of Puerto Iguazú, reinforcing the importance of practical education and project-based learning.

EPET Nº 51 continues to establish itself as a benchmark institution in the region, committed to educational excellence and the development of its students. The Science Fair proved to be an unforgettable day that highlighted the talent and dedication of its students, teachers and allies of the institution, leaving a positive mark on the entire community of Iguazú.

This event reinforces the importance of allowing students to apply their knowledge in real-life situations, developing key skills for their professional future, and underlines the fundamental role of education in building a more informed and prepared society.

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