AI gains prominence in energy industry investments

AI gains prominence in energy industry investments
AI gains prominence in energy industry investments

For years, companies dedicated to the energy and utilities have applied artificial intelligence (AI) solutions, so it is not surprising that this technology has been gaining prominence over time. In fact, Looking ahead to the next two years, it is estimated that 67% of organizations significantly increase their AI budget. This is the conclusion of the Acendant report signed by Minsait, Indra’s technological subsidiary. Under the title AI: X-ray of a revolution in progressanalyses the degree of adoption of AI in private companies and public institutions in 15 different sectors of activity.

A trend in vogue

The study has shown a high degree of maturity in the implementation of AI in the sectorIn recent years, we have seen how energy companies have integrated it into their different business areas, a trend that continues to expand in the value chain in a responsible manner and taking into account cost-benefit and social responsibility criteria. Now Most of them already have integrated plans and are working towards their large-scale implementation in the next two years..

This extensive use is reflected in multiple use cases that organizations are already implementing.such as optimizing the planning and construction of distribution networks, the efficient location of critical assets or plants, anticipating failures or anomalous connections, and improving decision-making processes. In addition, 44% of companies in the sector are focusing their efforts on the ESG area, such as the analysis and forecasting of environmental impact.

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