Review In the land of saints and sinners.

Review In the land of saints and sinners.
Review In the land of saints and sinners.

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Liam Neeson Perhaps it has been since 2016 that I have not participated in distinctive proposals such as Silence of Martin Scorsesewhere he excelled in his small role as Father Ferreira, or A monster comes to see mewhere he voiced the title monster. Instead, he’s been further involved in starring in a host of standard, bland action thrillers. In the land of saints and sinners follow that same path.

The actor once again takes on the role of a hitman who seeks to retire to a quiet life in a small town in Northern Ireland, but whose determination to do justice prevents him from doing so. In this way, we accompany a friendly character who cares for the community where he lives, but who resorts to revenge and violence to achieve peace – again, nothing new that we haven’t seen before. Meanwhile, in the background, the current conflict with the IRA is hinted at, which adds a certain hostility to the atmosphere.

At the script level, the narrative structure is hackneyed, with stereotypes galore and an irregular rhythm that, even so, manages to hold up with a not excessive length. On the other hand, the soulless direction does not add anything, but it is effective in its minimums to capture the attention of those looking to escape for a while.

In summary, In the land of saints and sinners is a somewhat bland film that alludes to the possibility of starting over and justifies violence in pursuit of a common good. Despite its stumbles and impersonal features, the performances of Liam Neeson y Kerry Condonwho gives consistency to a cliché antagonist, saves the whole and satisfies the followers of the actor’s recent adventures.

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