SPAIN COLLIDES WITH AFRICA | Spain will collide with Africa and this is how it will end up

SPAIN COLLIDES WITH AFRICA | Spain will collide with Africa and this is how it will end up
SPAIN COLLIDES WITH AFRICA | Spain will collide with Africa and this is how it will end up

Los continents They move imperceptibly but continuously. In fact, millions of years ago there was only one continent on Earth: Pangea. After another enormous amount of time (200 million years ago), this continent began to fragment and give rise to the current configuration of the planet. However, this story is not over yet and the emerged land masses They keep movingso that in the future they will reunite into a single continent. In fact, this process of unification-fragmentation-unification appears to be cyclical and occurs every 400 or 500 million years, according to scientists.

What will happen to Spain? Computer models simulating the upcoming creation of the supercontinent show that the Iberian Peninsula is already heading towards Africa on a collision course (in reality it is Africa that is coming towards us), and will actually crash into the coasts of the Maghreb within a few million years. In reality, In about 12 million years, the coasts of eastern Andalusia will have merged with those of Morocco and Algeria.

The process will continue and in about 30 million years the whole of the Spanish Levant, including the Balearic Islands, will have disappeared and joined up with Africa. The Mediterranean will then be nothing: just a few lakes that will shrink more and more as Europe and Africa join together.

This video, which is one of the latest studies on the subject, shows how this transformation will occur.

All continents will experience a process of mutual approximation until, in about 250 million years, a single land mass forms, which already has a name: Pangaea Proxima or Ultima. After Africa, Asia and Europe join together, this large surface will collide with America. In other words, our planet would now be in the middle of this cycle of continental formation/separation.

The Iberian Peninsula will be the northernmost territory

Another curiosity that emerges from the models developed by scientists: Spain and Portugal would become the northernmost countries on Earth, due to the drift that the continents would suffer.

A study carried out by the University of Bristol (United Kingdom) is the latest and most recent of those published on this subject and confirms that, indeed, the world is slowly but inexorably heading towards a drastic change.

Even though this ‘supercontinent’ will form, There would still be islands on this new Earth: New Zealand, Scotland (converted into an island territory) and Chukotka.which is now also part of northwestern Russia.

Furthermore, this study reveals that Much of Pangaea Ultima will experience temperatures above 40ºCwhich will make this territory uninhabitable for most mammals. Only between 8% and 16% of the Earth’s surface would actually be habitable.

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