National and Provincial results for Thursday, July 4

What is Quiniela?

Quiniela is the most popular game of chance in Argentina. Organized and controlled by the lotteries of each province. Quiniela is a banked game, meaning that it does not have a prize pool, but these are determined based on the correct guesses of the bettors.

In general, each province implements what they call a “banking cap.” The banking cap is set by each entity and is used to prorate payments when the amount of prizes to be paid exceeds said cap.

The draws consist of 20 4-digit numbers (from 0000 to 9999), distributed in 20 prizes. They are carried out with five lottery machines (manual or automatic). The first lottery machine indicates the thousand, the second the hundred, the third the ten, the fourth the unit and the last the location of the extract.

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