The crime of fraud and telephone extortion increases by 18% in Parral – El Sol de Parral

The crime of fraud and telephone extortion increases by 18% in Parral – El Sol de Parral
The crime of fraud and telephone extortion increases by 18% in Parral – El Sol de Parral

Increased by 18.68 percentthe crime of Telephone fraud and extortion in Parral during the period January-May 2024. Based on statistics provided by the Trust for Competitiveness and Citizen Security (Ficosec) in Parral, These cases increasedafter having gone from having 91 in 2023 a 108 this year. The State Public Security Secretariat (SSPE) has detected multiple types of scam through social networksand even through the sale of vacation packages. Recommendations reiterated.

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During the period from January to May of this year, an increase was recorded18.68 percent in the crime of fraud in Parral, as revealed by statistics provided by Ficosec.

The above, after that in the first five months of the year, A total of 1,000 will be recorded. 108 caseswhich represents a difference of 17 research folders andcompared to 2023 when 91 were recorded.

In this sense, the State Public Security Secretariatthrough the department of the Cyber ​​Policehas detected multiple modalities in which the fraudsters, lure their victimswith the latest to be detected being purchases of holiday packages.

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Cyber ​​Police personnel indicated that cybercriminals act through online messages, emails, calls and/or fake websites where they offer attractive vacation packages, for which they request an advance payment or the full payment for the supposed package.

Subsequently, at some point in the hiring or selection process, have made the payment for the service; communication is interrupted and those affected are left without an answer.

That’s it through the WhatsApp platform, where this crime format consists of citizens receive through the application, various messages from criminalswho, posing as SAT personnel, inform the victims that They have a debt.

That said, the scammers send a link so that the victim knows the reasons for said debt; however, when entering the link, the personal data allegedlyare compromised, i.e. passwords, conversations, bank codes, contacts, which increases the risk of extortion, theft or related crimes.

It is important to note that he SAT does not operate in these modalities; it does not request personal data, nor download files or access links.

In the case of vacation packages, they recommended: Check that the company pages are official at the following link: addition, look for company references and verify that there are no negative reports from other users.

Do not make deposits or transfers if in the bank details it is not displayed the business name of the company; request that the details of the offices be provided and, if possible, go in person to carry out the procedure. If this is not possible, the National Tourism Registry can be requested. (RNA) the agency, since it must have it, later corroborate it with the corresponding department, in the same way, When buying online, verify that it is an official site with security certificate.

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Finally, they pointed out that, if there is any doubt or suspicion, SSPE makes available to citizens the telephone numbers 614-429-33-00, extension 10955, the direct number 614-429-73-15, or the WhatsApp line 656-280-95-62, as well as the email [email protected], to communicate with the cyber unit.

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