The meeting between El Mariana and Plex heats up, prior to La Velada del Año IV

The meeting between El Mariana and Plex heats up, prior to La Velada del Año IV
The meeting between El Mariana and Plex heats up, prior to La Velada del Año IV

It’s Wednesday, the end of the week, and we’re taking stock of the best information from the world of gamers and electronic sports.

Plex gets angry with El Mariana!

For a few days now Plex It is very chopped with The Mariana because of what the Mexican said about his gym, assuring that they didn’t let him train and distorting the reality of what happened according to the Spaniard. Ibai, in a vlog that he uploaded with Plex, did not hesitate to ask him about the ElMariana controversy and the Spaniard has made two things clear: first, that the whole truth was not told and second, that he is going to tell the Mexican things in the ring, not outside.

Speed ​​invites Ibai to watch Spain-Germany together!

This is what Ibai Llanos said in his live broadcast Twitch. Speed He would have contacted him to watch the match between Spain and Germany together, but there is a problem. Ibai, if he travels to Germany, will do so to watch the match in the stadium, and the American streamer cannot enter. This is due to one of his performances in the last match he saw on the field. He started to live stream while the 90 minutes were lasting, something prohibited in the Euro Cup by UEFA. This would be the reason why Speed ​​could not enter the stadium, and would have to watch the match from outside.

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Call of Duty’s new weapon sparks controversy!

This week, the Extra Crispya new weapon that literally turns defeated enemies into giant pieces of fried chicken. The trailer moves away from the military tone that characterized the franchise for many years and shows a soldier in a chicken suit attacking characters and dancing on a stage. It seems that this weapon will only be available in Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile, the mobile version of the Battle Royale free; however, many fans have already expressed their discontent and argued that, in an attempt to copy the fun crossovers and skins of Fortnitethe franchise lost its essence.

Xbox has a gift for its fans!

All users of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate You now have access to the Supercharge Pack for EA Sports FC 24the content is now available to claim and will be available until August 2 of this year. To claim it, simply visit the rewards section on your console, the Xbox app on PC or the service’s mobile app and claim it. Once you do, you can redeem the content in the sports title and it will be added to your account automatically. This is a great gift, so EA Sports FC 24 players should not miss this opportunity.

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Japanese Fans Demand Cancellation of Assassin’s Creed Shadows!

The petitioner argues that the company misunderstands the true nature and role of the samurai, and claims that inaccuracy is a serious insult to Japanese culture and history. He even claims that such acts could be linked to Asian racism. Shimizu Toru calls for Ubisoft to cancel the release of Assassin’s Creed Shadows and conduct serious and respectful research on Japan.

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