The ANC calls for a demonstration in Barcelona on July 13 against the judicial “coup d’état”

The ANC calls for a demonstration in Barcelona on July 13 against the judicial “coup d’état”
The ANC calls for a demonstration in Barcelona on July 13 against the judicial “coup d’état”

Calls on pro-independence parties to confront the government over the application of the amnesty


The ANC has called for a demonstration in Barcelona on Saturday 13 July, starting at 5:00 pm, against the “coup d’état of the Spanish judges” and to ask the pro-independence parties to confront –in their words– the Government over the application of the Amnesty Law.

At a press conference on Thursday, the president of the organization, Lluís Llach, said that they cannot allow “a president in exile, elected deputies, journalists, singers and victims of repression to be the victims of a prevaricating judiciary.”

“As representatives of civil society, we feel obliged to speak out against this violation of our rights,” he added.

The demonstration, which will start at Plaza Urquinaona with Via Laietana and will end at Plaza Sant Jaume, has been called under the slogan ‘Let’s disobey the Spanish judges: Independence’ and the rest of civil society organisations have been invited to participate.

The coordinator of the Mobilisation Committee, Elisenda Romeu, explained that they had called for the march to Plaza Urquinaona and Via Laietana because that location is home to one of the courtrooms of the High Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC) and because it is an “emblematic place of the independence struggle”.


He added that they want to end up in Plaça de Sant Jaume, in front of the Palau de la Generalitat, to demand that the Catalan parties confront the Government “and to denounce the support they have given to the amnesty for the police, which is immoral.”

For Llach, the Catalan parties that support Pedro Sánchez’s government have “the obligation to force him to directly confront the maneuvers of a rebellious judiciary.”

“From now on, no one, whether pro-independence or not, can stand alongside a far-right judiciary that was never purged at the end of the dictatorship,” he stressed.

Coinciding with the march, external assemblies of the ANC will gather at the same time in front of Spanish consulates and embassies in different capitals of the world “to denounce, before the international community, the maneuvers of the Spanish judicial system to maintain the repression against the separatists and guarantee the impunity of the police who violently attacked peaceful citizens on October 1st who only wanted to vote.”

The lawyer Pilar Rabeque, who was also present at the press conference, explained that they are still working on the appeal that they will present against the amnesty for the National Police and Civil Guard agents, and she believes that “the problem is that a political interpretation is being made” and not a legal one of the law.


After reiterating the request that Junts and ERC not support a possible investiture of the first secretary of the PSC, Salvador Illa, Llach has avoided commenting on the open crisis within the republican formation, which he has defined as “an important and very necessary party as long as it is obedient to the independence movement.”

Regarding the possible return of the former president of the Generalitat and Junts candidate for re-election, Carles Puigdemont, he reiterated that they want to accompany him if he decides to return to Catalonia, so they consider that they must “be prepared” for it.

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