Talent Land, a new event with the digital ecosystem in Malaga

Wednesday, July 3, 2024, 8:02 PM

| Updated 21:12h.


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The Palacio de Ferias is hosting Talent Land from this Wednesday until Friday, a new congress that is opening in Malaga and that is focused on the digital world in all its aspects, although with a special interest in connecting young talent with companies that operate in the sector. The inauguration was with the Minister of the Presidency, Antonio Sanz, who came to the capital to assure that Talent Land has a vocation for continuity and that he hopes that it “never leaves Malaga again.” Also in attendance were the Councillor for New Technologies of the Malaga City Council, Alicia Izquierdo, and the delegate of the Junta in Malaga, Patricia Navarro.

The utopias of yesteryear seem to be coming true among the different stands and stages that are distributed in the main hall of the Congress Palace. Technology is in the spotlight, but, above all, seeing how it gives rise to entrepreneurship and improves people’s lives. “The future is digital or it won’t be,” Sanz predicted. And one visit was enough to prove that Talent Land is a space that wants to be a springboard for this innovation. In one corner you could play the latest video game, there is also a corner for chess and the Rubik’s cube, while at the same time there are talks given by the names of the moment in the digital world and the Internet environment.

Talent Land will feature names such as Jordi Wild, El Xokas, Joaquín Cuenca and Paula González. “We are committed to bringing together and celebrating the vibrant talent ecosystem. Leaders, innovators and experts come together to inspire, learn and collaborate together,” said Talent Lab co-founder Pablo Antón. In addition to these talks, there are also thematic stages where topics such as emerging programming languages, cybersecurity, agile and DevOps practices and software development with AI will be discussed.


An offer that the Talent Land managers framed in the spirit of the times, when the present and the future are written in digital. Without digitalisation there is no progress. What is the right path? Events such as Talent Land are about answering this question. Although the opportunities are enormous, it is also about ensuring that no one is left behind. The Minister of the Presidency mentioned this and assured that the objective that the Regional Government has set itself is to bring digitalisation to all corners of the administration and also to any place in the region, even if it is a small municipality. On behalf of the Provincial Council, the vice-president of the provincial institution, Antonia Ledesma, was also present.

Sanz, after the event had been inaugurated, spoke to the media to highlight the role of young people in the future of Andalusia. They are “fundamental to building the Andalusia of the future” while defending the fact that technology can make people’s lives easier. “Most of you see technology as just another part of your life, but there are people who find it more difficult to approach technology and make use of it,” he stressed. In addition, he announced that the Andalusian Government will soon sign a youth employment plan with economic and social agents, with a budget of nearly 500 million euros.

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