“Donor Institutions”: Bahía Blanca joined the initiative of the Province

“Donor Institutions”: Bahía Blanca joined the initiative of the Province
“Donor Institutions”: Bahía Blanca joined the initiative of the Province

The Ministry of Health, through the president of the Unique Coordinating Center for Ablation and Implantation of the Province (CUCAIBA), Francisco Leone, and the executive director of the Hemotherapy Institute “Dra. Nora Etchenique”, Laura González, signed today an agreement with the mayor of Bahía Blanca, Federico Susbielles, by which that district was incorporated as a “Donor Institution”.

This collaboration agreement also guarantees the training of donor promoters and support for the training of both technical staff and professionals from provincial health services.

In this way, a total of 36 agreements have been signed under the provincial strategy “Donor Institutions”, which aim to promote the donation of blood, organs and tissues through dissemination activities and external collections promoted through the Hemotherapy Institute and CUCAIBA, together with different agencies, institutions and social, union and governmental organizations.

The mayor, Federico Susbielles, expressed his joy at being part of “Municipality Donor” and added that “we are very happy that from today, Bahía Blanca is a blood, organ, tissue and cell donor city, it is something really very important because it has to do with preserving life” and he invited the entire Bahía Blanca community to join the great solidarity network.

The authorities of the specialized agencies of the health portfolio, highlighted the commitment assumed by the municipality of Bahía Blanca to continue building values, solidarity and empathy as a central axis, and recalled that “neither an organ, nor a tissue nor a liter of blood are bought on the market, and are only obtained by the will of the people.”

For his part, the president of CUCAIBA, Francisco Leone, highlighted “the importance of continuing to promote donations because it is something that cannot be found on the market and requires the commitment of the mayors as well as the solidarity of the community, since to date there are 186 people from Bahía Blanca on the waiting list and 106 in the process of registration.”

Finally, the director of the Provincial Hemotherapy Institute, “Nora Etchenique” said that “we have a project for the Regional Blood Center to grow and for this, the support of the municipality is essential.”

The municipality of Bahía Blanca, together with CUCAIBA, has been working in a coordinated manner for several years, assuming the commitment to the issue of organ and tissue donation through the decentralization of the Procurement Unit in its public hospital “Dr. José Penna”. This type of initiative, such as decentralizing the procurement system, reaffirms the commitment of health personnel, and with this agreement signed under the “Donor Municipality” strategy, the commitment of the entire community is added.

Present at the signing were: the municipal Secretary of Health, Federico Buggati, the Regional Coordinator of Hemotherapy, Giovana Grimaldos Sanchez, together with the director of the Medical Administrative Coordination Unit (UCMA), Constanza Curti, and the director of the Provincial Procurement Service, Ruben Bernardi. In addition, the directors of the Penna hospital, Jorge Moyano and Alejandra Erb, and of the Health Region I; Maximiliano Núñez and Alejandra Mangione.

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