Weather forecast: What will the weather be like during the weekend of Friday, July 5?

Weather forecast: What will the weather be like during the weekend of Friday, July 5?
Weather forecast: What will the weather be like during the weekend of Friday, July 5?


Another day with cold wind to continue discouraging the thermometer and return us to the segment of intense winter. A dawn with only 5ºC is expected, and in the suburbs a thermal floor of only 1ºC is estimated where the moderate wind from the southwest will bring the thermal sensation to negative values. Attention those who undertake suburban roads or provincial routes from very early because some fog banks are not ruled out that may reduce visibility. Expected slightly cloudy sky that offers good sunny passages in the morning that allow us to cope with the low temperatures. Anyway, it will be another day where the cold wind cancel the solar action by reducing the maximum by 13ºC. The night will again show a cold air re-entry to completely clear the sky at a close with 8ºC and marked decline during the early morning.

Winter will take out the sheet metal with another Eskimo dawn. A minimum of 2ºC is expected for the metropolitan area and -2ºC in the suburban sector with possible frost, luckily without so much wind and with mostly clear sky to help the mercury recover quickly. In any case, the cold wind will once again tie the thermometer, which despite the generous amount of surface sunshine, will only reach a maximum of 10ºC, which will shape a sunny but cold afternoon. The night will finish shaping a day with low temperatures in all its time slots, with 6ºC and light southwest wind, which forces wrap up warmly to those who want to leave.

Another weekend with lows below zero is coming in the suburban sector: -2ºC is expected for Friday and Saturday and 1ºC for Sunday

A weekend begins that will preserve the cold air circulationalthough, luckily, with the wind blowing gently. The same will be repeated Dawn with intense cold with 2ºC and -2ºC for the suburban sector, with clear skies and our air mass relatively still. It is estimated a day in full sun, So you can plan outdoor activities if you dress warmly enough. The thermometer will not rise and will drop by just 10ºC, keeping the light wind that, together with the sun, will allow you to endure a cool afternoon. The night will be safe for those who want to go out, with a closing temperature of 7ºC and a little more cloudiness.

Sunday will present much more cloudiness than in recent days and a significant recovery of morning temperatures, with a minimum of 5ºC for the city and 3ºC for the suburbs. A day with a minimum of 5ºC is expected partly cloudy sky, even with enough low cloudiness, which would give us intermittent sunshine. The thermometer will be a little more lively to offer 12ºC in the afternoon on another day where the lack of wind It may encourage you to go out for a while despite the cold. Towards the evening the weather vane will rotate towards the east to cut for a few hours with the arrival of air from the south in a fairly cloudy closing with 8ºC.

Next week is not expected wind from the northso we will continue to prolong the low temperature scenario. Monday would show a minimum of 5ºC and a maximum of 12ºC, with somewhat cloudy sky and little wind. The holiday on Tuesday would give us partly cloudy skies, with chance of fog in the morning, calm wind and maximum of 13ºC. The rest of the week would continue with similar parameters with the possibility of four consecutive days of clear sky starting Thursday.

That’s all folks. We’re back on the trail of the winter temperatures after a Tuesday that offered a maximum of more than 20ºC. We will be moving just below what is statistically appropriate for this time of year, it is winter and we can expect maximums averaging 15ºC and minimums of 7ºC for July, so the intense cold of these days There will be nothing unusual in terms of temperatures. The same pattern as last weekend will be repeated, with a lot of cold but a lot of sun, so you can make the most of both days if you dress warmly enough.

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