Gore Magala in Monster Hunter Rise: Location, Weaknesses and Rewards

Gore Magala in Monster Hunter Rise: Location, Weaknesses and Rewards
Gore Magala in Monster Hunter Rise: Location, Weaknesses and Rewards

We teach you how to easily locate and hunt the Gore Magala in Monster Hunter Rise and its possible rewards

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In this Monster Hunter Rise guide we are going to show you where to find the That Charcoal and how to easily hunt it, one of the great monsters included in the Sunbreak DLC. We review its main habitatsthe elements of the monster, its weaknessesbreakable parts and some additions about the monster such as reward materials or maximum size, to help you get everything and complete its bestiary entry.

Gore Magala Facts

Description: The Gore Magala’s wings have black, shroud-like membranes. With no visual receptors, it heightens its senses by shedding scales from its wings to sense other life forms. When its senses are at their highest, capillaries extend from its head, its wings unfurl, and it becomes enraged. This beast is infamous for its sinister appearance and the mysterious Furor virus it spreads.

  • Species: Elder Dragon
  • Element: None (may apply Wrath)
  • Weak to: Lightning, Fire and Dragon
  • Habitats: Forgotten Temple, Flooded Forest, The Jungle and Bastion.
  • Size: Max 2165.91 cm – Min 1584.81 cm
  • Relatives: Gore Magala Caótico, Shagaru Magala, Shagaru Magala Elevado.

Physiology and weaknesses

Next we move on to the main weak points of the monster and its breakable parts so you can see which areas to attack and punish the most.

Weak points Cut Impact Shot
Head 65 55 45
Ala 26 26 15
Antenna 75 70 50
Cola 38 38 25
Breakable parts Head, wings, antenna and tail
Tail (cuttable)

We will can break his head (its weakest point), wings and claws, as well as sensors (in angry mode). It is advisable to bring cutting or impact weapons against this beast. Also bring plenty of healing and buffs, it can apply to you Angercanceling life recovery and severely reducing its defense against attacks inflicted by the virus after a short period. We can also remove this status by doing a lot of damage to the monster that infects us. Be very careful with the area of ​​​​rage explosions and energy balls that it can throw, they are extremely hard.


By defeating the Gore Magala in master rank We can obtain the following rewards:

  • Capar. unfortunate afflicted
  • Afflicted ill-fated armor
  • Afflicted ill-fated plaque
  • Cortex of Gore Magala
  • Esquirla Gore Magala
  • Triturad. Gore Magala
  • Eclipse Gore Charcoal
  • Cola Gore Charcoal
  • Gore Magala’s Cloak (3% chance)
  • Wyvern Tear G

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