New Mario games will alternate between short and long development cycles, Nintendo confirms

New Mario games will alternate between short and long development cycles, Nintendo confirms
New Mario games will alternate between short and long development cycles, Nintendo confirms

Nintendo Switch is living its last year alone, with the aim of reaching total sales of PlayStation 2 and taking the crown, which will accredit it as the best-selling console of all time. In 2025, it will be the turn of its successor console.

It’s hardly a stretch to say that the Switch is lacking in games in its final months as Nintendo’s sole platform. Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD has just been released, reaping huge success in Japan and the UK.

In September, The Legend of Zelda: Echoes of Wisdom will offer the first 100% original classic adventure of the franchise in a long time. Already in 2025, before the launch of Switch 2, it will be the turn of Donkey Kong Country Returns HD.

People say that Metroid Prime 4: Beyondfeatured in the latest Nintendo Direct, could be the last Switch release… and the first for the new console.

And what about Mario? In 2023 we got the remarkable film adaptation, but also the plumber’s first original 2D game in 11 years: Super Mario Bros. Wonder.

In a question and answer session, Nintendo executives They clarify if we will have to wait long to see a new Mario adventurewhether in two dimensions or three dimensions.

The future of Super Mario is in the best hands

Nintendo has confirmed that We won’t have to wait that long to see a new Mario game. In fact, they clarify that Super Mario Bros. Wonder was not in development for a decade, since its cycle was shorter than expected.

The first turn is taken by Shuntaro Furukawa, president of Nintendowhich ensures that they are adapting well to the advance of technology, increasing their resources if necessary.

Today, game development is longer, more complex, and more advanced. This is inevitable. To address this, we are continually expanding our development resources and necessary investments.”.

For his part, the corporate director Shinya Takahashi claims that they continue striving to shorten development timeswith the aim of offering fun games in the shortest time possible… within margins that ensure the best quality.

As hardware advances, it is inevitable that software development will take longer. But I believe we are succeeding in shortening development cycles, for example by constantly improving the development environment after the hardware is released.”.

Finally, Takashi Tezukadirector of Super Mario Bros. Wonder, confirms that the next games of the plumber will alternate short and long development cycles (as usual).

All of our Mario-related games, not just Super Mario Bros. Wonder, are created with the goal of encouraging as many people as possible to enjoy them. As for upcoming titles, some will take time to develop and others will be done in a short time.‘.

What will be the next mario releaseIt is rumored that it could be a new 3D Mario, since the last one was Super Mario Odyssey (released in 2017), if we do not count the remaster of Super Mario 3D World along with Bowser’s Fury.

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