Judicial system, its corrupt rot stinks of the same smell of the ass of God and the devil

It is not only in Colombia, because this corruption exists in any political ideology and in any corner of the world; it is privileged, it has religious, political and social classes.

In this article I am going to talk about the two judicial systems that I know from personal experience, both civil and criminal. In Colombia, in 1973 I was imprisoned for two days because a policeman found a marijuana cigarette in my shirt pocket, and in the United States, because I took my gun out on a couple of decrepit people who were harassing me in my office around 2010. In the latter, I represented myself and won the case, which is why there are no charges of any kind against me.

In civil matters, I have represented myself in California state and federal courts, winning some, losing some, but I turned these losses into gains by suing four state and three federal judges.

I didn’t win, but all those judges were removed from office.

Now in Colombia, I am facing the latest chapter of exercising my legal disputes against family members, judges, Char, the Department of Atlántico, the city of Barranquilla, service companies usurping the right of way on land that belongs to me, the Police, the Prosecutor’s Office, Lewis Energy and its henchmen, and a criminal enterprise that calls itself when it suits them RCI, Mobilize or AECSA (wait for my response).

Let’s see how it goes.

Returning to the judicial analysis of the Americans with some comparisons to the Colombian one, for me, who has more than 180 credits in law classes, an AA Degree in Liberal Arts and as a law assistant and Paralegal from Los Angeles City College, what amazes me is that corruption in Colombia is so blatant.

I have also attended numerous hearings in California and federal courts, both personal and as credit for my law and journalism classes. In Colombia, nothing really.

The rot comes from a single chain, and the only way to counter these corrupt gangsters, petty judges and cheap prosecutors, is to sue them for prevarication.

In addition, there is personal financial damage, because jurisdiction is constitutionally granted at the time of taking office, and by issuing a false sentence or twisting a case investigated by the prosecution, he exposes himself to material and financial damages by failing to protect the victim. He does this deliberately, premeditatedly, and with the awareness that his act is criminal.

I am learning because, fortunately or unfortunately, I have the brain capacity to understand civil, tax, and financial codes and legal procedures. Sometimes I think it is a curse because there are times when I would have preferred to be short-sighted and not understand the situation, rather than face it.

But that is one of the residues of the genes of the Bustillo surname that prevails in these nuclei at different levels.

Corruption begins with the distribution of cases, both civil and criminal. In some cases there is even competition between judges to take the case; then with the judge’s secretary and other subordinates. Finally, the judge who decides on the case. Then the appeal with other small-time or pocket judges (same in both countries), finally, to the supreme courts.

Some of the main functions of the judiciary in both countries are to administer justice independently and impartially, resolve legal conflicts and apply the laws in force, protect the fundamental rights of citizens and ensure compliance with judicial decisions.

Constitutionally theoretical, right? The reality is different; because the identification of these corrupt individuals has its own degree of acceptance, political support, and their immediate classification into the group that offers rulings at any price, depending on the factors of each case. I imagine that it has an exchange rate like any product sold in the market.

It is the same in both countries.

And if we take a look at the two supreme courts, the macho woman shows us her criminality, her blindness to impartiality, her political inclinations. Recently in the United States, by granting immunity to Trump, the mess with abortion, the imposition of religious criteria, without caring that the majority of the popular vote belongs to the Democrats and they are Republicans.

Judges in the United States serve for life; at least in Colombia, their power is limited to a certain period of time according to recent changes.

In Colombia, the most recent case that I remember is that of the constitutional judge who dismissed the writ of amnesty disqualifying Char for mayor. This lady should be sued for malfeasance by omission and action.

And let’s not talk about the alleged vigilance of the judiciary in Colombia. When it hears a specific case, it becomes its obligation to exercise its power and dispose of violators. A few months ago I started a lawsuit (tutela) against RCI, and when I reported them on this blog, some people told me that the Envigado judicial system is where the market for judicial rulings or decisions is concentrated.

And what the hell is the Minister of Justice doing?

Human beings are misguided in recognizing which personal or social functions are needed for the evolutionary process of thought, and in my opinion, it consists of the phenomenon that I call “The Two Realities” (it is the study of a theory that I am in the process of elaboration – I do not know if one already exists or if someone has already written about this). It exists, it is interchangeable, and it adjusts to an individual, creating his or her main performance dogma before the system.

We live in a time of mental stagnation at this time of a third world war not yet declared and in development, and faced with the uncertainties of the unknown, the mentality is lost in a world between God and the devil, reproducing the quality of life of these beings who smell like the backside of God and the devil.

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